Monday, June 11, 2012

Comparing COLOR CLUB Earthy Angel & OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (Oh, and some super pretty & easy nail art too!)

Pin It This post is like a 3 in 1! Swatches, comparisons and nail art, OH MY! A little bit for everyone ;] Check out the nail art for sure though, it's simple and cute!

LEFT: OPI Barefoot in Barcelona & RIGHT: Color Club Earthy Angel

Earthy Angel is from Color Club's Back to Boho Collection, I picked this up in one of the sets Ross sells. I think I bought it sometime last September, I still see it at Ross every now and then! Barefoot in Barcelona is from OPI's Spain Collection, I got this in a swap from a very generous IG friend!

A few years ago these would of been colors I passed up, all the time and every time. Now I love colors like these! Very earthy, natural, and delicate all in one! As you can see OPI Barefoot in Barcelona and Color Club Earthy Angel look super similar in the bottle. I was going through polish to sell and I noticed that for the first time haha. SO I had to appeal to my curious side and give them a side by side comparison. Here are my findings:

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona compared to Color Club Earthy Angel (labeled accordingly)

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona compared to Color Club Earthy Angel (labeled accordingly)

First off the formulas:
- EA had a lighter, thinner formula. It was more sheer than BiB, meaning it took 3 coats to become opaque.
- BiB was a lot more opaque and took 1 coats.
- They are both creme finishes.

The color comparison:
- EA to me is a bit more brown, JUST A TAD
- BiB is JUST A TAD bit more red, sllllllllllllightly. It reminds me more of a clay color.

Obviously, they are both SUPER similar, to the point I'm going to make the assumption if you have one you DO NOT need the other.You're not going to be able to tell the difference between these polishes from an arms length... if someone painted your nails with these 2 colors, I'm going to guess you probably wouldn't even notice they used 2 colors haha

Now on to the nail art! I saw someone post a similar idea on Instagram. So, I decided black would be an awesome color with this light brown polish. Andddd I was right (DUH). Here's a quick tutorial for you guys with a full manicure after!

1) Paint your base color.
2) Using a striping brush paint on 3 verticle lines, equal distance apart.
3) Add dots, using a dotting tool, to the middle line (top, middle and bottom).. Then, add dots to the 2 side lines in between the dots you created on the middle line. (basically, you don't want the dots to line up with the ones on the middle line)
4) Add dots using a smaller dotting tool with your base color. Top coat it and you're done!

Pretty easy, huh? Such a simple idea but it creates such an awesome effect on the nail! I loved it SO much I put it on both hands :] Oh, want a kicker? The full manicure colors? I never took the polish from the comparisons off haha, can't even tell the difference, huh?! :] Told you!

Hope you enjoyed this multipurpose post! Have a happy Monday!

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  1. I got the barefoot in barcelona and sometimes it seems to me (in certain light) that it's got purpleish (or so ;)) shade in i alone with that thought? lol

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