Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MILANI Totally Cool

Pin It Ebay... Ebay.. Ebay.. What would I do without you? Haha

Today I have for you guys a polish from Milani called Totally Cool. From what I've read it's been discontinued {?} and then they brought it back?? Anyhow, I grabbed mine off of eBay for pretty cheap and I HAVE TO SHARE!

I originally saw this polish here and I fell in love with it! Totally Cool is a beautiful royal blue-purple color with some amazing duochrome shimmer in it! It kind of has the same effect of Unicorn Pee/Fantasy Fire/Clarins 230 - but not quite ;] It is a very pretty and unique polish though and I love it! This was 3 coats, and I agree with Ashley - it needs a 4th. You can see my nail line :[ Oh wellllll. No application issues and drying time was just fine!

I'd say the close up picture on Milani's site is pretty color/effect accurate:
A close up of Pretty Cool via Milani
Now here are my swatches :]

3 coats of Milani Totally Cool 

Milani Totally Cool 

Milani Totally Cool 

What do you think of this color? It's TOTALLY COOL, huh? haha I got bored and added some stamping with a design on BM plate 221, and some Essie Shine of the Times because those two always make polish 10x better.

Milani Totally Cool with BM-221 and Essie Shine of the Times 

Milani Totally Cool with BM-221 and Essie Shine of the Times

 I haven't seen Totally Cool in store recently but Milani has it on their website here for $4.49. I however didn't purchase from their website due to past complications [ugh, haha] I got it on eBay, the seller I bought it from is sold out, I got it for under $4 w/ shipping... but here is a link to a search page! :]

What do you think? Already have a page up to buy this beauty, huh? ;]

Until tomorrow,


  1. How do you stamp so well!? Do you have any tutorials up?!

  2. Thank you! I don't have any tutorials, but I'd be happy to make one in the future :]

  3. I got me a stamping kit too, but when i do it, it doesn't do nothing like this. More like my 3 year old drew some pictures on my nails with crayons....tutorial would be awesome!

    1. I made a tutorial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky50eRVUY3A


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