Wednesday, June 6, 2012

French Manicure w/ Flowers

Pin It This post is a manicure to go along with makeup done by Pretty Face, Happy Bank! Check out her post here :]

A neutral, French manicure spiced up a little with some pink flowers and gold accents! I have a short tutorial for you after the jump!

Above are the items you will need for this manicure:
- Nude polish, I love 2% Milk by Wet n Wild
- White polish, Snow Me White, Sinful Colors
- Flower accent color, I chose Undercover by Wet n Wild
- Accent color to line your tips with, Disco Nap by Color Club
- Micro beads
- Striping brush, cleanup brush and dotting tool
- Stamper, scraper (hotel card) and Konad plate m57

You can complete this manicure in 3 easy steps! I outlined them for you below:

1) Apply your nude base, this is 2 coats of 2% Milk by Wet n Wild
2) Next, apply your tip. When I do french manicures, I follow the natural tips on my nails with a striping brush and then fill them in - with some adjustments haha. After you paint on your tips, add the gold accent with the striping brush.
3) Stamp on your flowers (m57) , adjusting the stamp as necessary to fit your nail as you like. Then using the dotting tool and some clear polish add your micro beads and seal in your manicure with a top coat (I recommend Seche Vite)! Then, use your cleanup brush and acetone to clean up the sides!

Here are some more pictures of the full manicure!

Hope you guys enjoy this manicure! Again, be sure to check out the matching make up on Pretty Face, Happy Bank's blog! :] Her blog is the, all the eyeshadow I wish I could wear is on her blog! haha

Have a happy Wednesday!
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