Thursday, June 28, 2012

ESSIE Swatch Fest! [Van D'go, Mojito Madness, Mint Candy Apple, Borrowed and Blue]

Pin It Today I have 4 Essies to show you guys! I love these colors so much, I think you will too!

I recently got these in the mail. Do you see that A PINK, I own an Essie now that isn't green or blue lmao.... But look what the others are xP

Swatches and review after the jump!

Essie Van D'go

A very pretty peachy, creme pink! This is where my one issue with Essie comes into play: always very streaky/balding polishes! It's worth the end result but it's just annoying. Because of this, Van D'go needed 3 coats to smooth out.

Essie Mojito Madness

Greeeen!! The perfect grassy, creme green polish! I did 2 coats (some fingers could of used a thin 3rd, my ring finger) but not as streaky as Van D'go! I'm so loving this green!

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Ahh, Mint Candy Apple. FINALLY MINE! I'm not sure why I put off owning this beauty. It's a very refreshing minty, green, blue, aqua color creme polish. So yummy. This was 3 coats,a little bit more thin than expected, but worth it for this color!

Essie Borrowed and Blue

And another light blue creme to cross off my wish list. Most of my light blues have a hint of grey in them. This one has zero grey and is the perfect mix of light blue and white polish! This was 2 coats, I was quite impressed with the coverage of this polish. Although, it did seem to take longer to dry out than the other 3 (as you can see I smudged the corner of my pinky, boooo!)

I don't have many Essies, I was super happy about the colors of these though! I'd say the last 3 are must haves! I also have No More Film in the mail to me right now! Thank you, Copious ;)

I bought Mojoito Madness, Borrowed and Blue, and Van D'go from Transdesign for $4.49/bottle.

I grabbed Mint Candy Apple from Copious where I got it for $0.01 (service charge) with a $10 credit (when the item is under $10 w/ shipping)! You can snag a $10 credit here if you haven't signed up yet! (If you don't see the credit after you connect your FB account, you might have to connect other social sites to that account to get it!)

Any other must have Essie colors? :]

Until tomorrow/ Happy Friday!,


  1. I LOVE Essie! I have so many :) Haha
    I just recently got Mojito Madness too, and I'm reading that everyone needed at least 2 coats, but when I used it it was absolutely perfect in 1 coat! Guess I just got lucky :)

    1. Ahh nice! 1 coaters are the best, esp when they're a surprise!

  2. Wow, thanks for that link! Great Essie find. I just spent my credit on two metallic KleanColors. ;) So awesome!

  3. I just grabbed Borrowed and Blue and Mint Candy Apple and can't wait to try them--I'm a total sucker for blues and greens too. ;)

  4. Dang, the offer is gone. It said 40 people had already used the offer. Just my luck. =(


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