Friday, May 4, 2012

CANDEO COLORS: Orchid, Jellybean & Sprouse

Pin It Happy Friday, friends! Today I have indie polishes for ya'll! I feel like I haven't posted indies for awhile, and it's NOT like I don't have some coming in the mail at least once a week. I received these last week and I fell in love - again.

Candeo Colors Orchid, Jellybean, Sprouse

Um, YUM! I finally was able to get some, I remember her shop when it was new and I never gave in to buy any and then after that I missed all the openings haha.

Swatches after the jump-a-roo!

I picked up 3, I could of gone for more, but I wanted to be "wallet friendly". Plus, I'm super enjoying these! Here are some bottle close ups :]

Candeo Colors Orchid, Jellybean and Sprouse

Aren't they beautiful in the bottle alone?! They sure do make my polish racks look fancy!

Here's the first swatch, Orchid:

Candeo Colors, Orchid 2 coats

Candeo Colors, Orchid 2 coats

It's funny, this is the one I added last because I was "iffy" about it. I saw swatches but I wasn't convinced. Well, turns out this is my FAVORITE out of the 3 I bought. Oh my goodness! This is a magenta jelly polish that has silver shimmer throughout. It also has tons of glitter: holo silver and copper! AHH I melt! This is so pretty and squishy! Instant jelly sammich!

Next is Jellybean:

Candeo Colors Jellybean, 2 coats over Sinful Colors Unicorn

Another I was on the fence about but purchased this because everyone was raving about it and wanting it. I'm so in like with this. I'm a sucker for yellow polishes of any sort though haha. Jellybean layers perfectly over Sinful Colors Unicorn (which I left this manicure for 24 hours, IDK why I didn't use a base coat but stains the f... out of your nails FYI!), identical almost! Jellybean is a yellow creme polish packed with blue, purple, pink, yellow, and green glitter! SO much fun in a bottle! I was sad I didn't have this for Easter. I even wore it out because I like it so much, then someone said it looked like Easter on my nails :[ hahah. Very cute and springy, and I guess Easter-y haha...

Last but not least is Sprouse!

1 coat of Sprouse over Sinful Colors Pink, Zoya Pippa, Sinful Colors Neptune and Sinful Colors Summer Peach

Ah, perfection in a polish bottle. THIS is the one I've wanted the most. I don't have Lynnderella's Connect the Dots and quite frankly after this - I don't even want it anymore. This blows it out of the water in my opinion! SOOOOO IN LOVE! Sprouse is in a clear base with some silver shimmer, along with black and white bar glitter, black, white, and royal blue hex glitter. Oh how I have a secret love affair with royal blue everything... okay it's not that secret haha. This one, you need this one! Unless you don't like black and white hex/bar glitter and super pretty blue!

I love indies so much, I can't even describe! I counted last night, I have 29... I don't even want to do the math on that one :|

Any of these lovelies you NEEDDDDD? Any Candeo's you can suggest? ;]

You can grab Candeo Colors on their website here, they've recently switched to their own site from Etsy (happy me!!!!). They retail for $8 a bottle :] I would keep an eye on their Facebook page where they post when they're opening and previews of new polishes!

Have a happy Friday!
Until tomorrow,


  1. so gorg! I'm jealous you managed to snag them!!!! love them & I def. agree that after seing Sprouse I don't even care to get CtD!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm jealous, love all of these :)

  3. Orchid looks AMAZING on you! Seems like the perfect color for you.

  4. I just got a Sprouse mini yesterday during a quick 7 p.m. flash sale. Your blog post made me want it. It was $3.50 for the mini bottle & $2.50 shipping, so $6. Yay!!!


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