Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The ZOYA Blogger Collection by Birchbox

Pin It Today I have for you guys the Limited Edition Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox! It's a collection of 3 polishes created with some top beauty bloggers by Zoya. I've personally never heard of these beauty blogs haha, but I don't read blogs that much - unless they're nail blogs ;]

The Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox

Want swatches and more jump over!
First off a warning, I've seen a few swatches since getting my box last week... Not sure how they get their polishes less sheer... haha but these are all done with 3 generous coats and my nail line is disgustingly visible. I'm not sure why Birchbox would suggest "apply one coat...for a wash of color", um your nails will look stained... not cute haha. Anyhow, here's the swatches ;]

First up is Coraline:

 Coraline, 3 coats

An orange jelly polish. ORANGE. Lots of orange and very jelly! Birchbox describes it as a juicy tangerine, which is perfect because that's how crazy orange it is!  It's a pretty color :] Coraline was inspired by Eleventh Gorgeous.

Next is Belle:

 Belle, 3 coats

Belle is a pink jelly packed with iridescent glitter/shimmer that flashes pink and orange! I think this is my favorite out of the trio, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do! This shade was by Capitol Hill Style.

Last is Kate:

 Kate, 3 coats

Kate is a very reddish-pink jelly. Birchbox's site describes it as a grapefruit pink - which now all I think about when I see this bottle is a ruby red grapefruit! Yum! I think this is my second favorite :] This polish was inspired by the blog The Small Things.

Now, these polishes... I need to play around with a bit. I bought them with the intention of making jelly sandwiches haha. These Zoyas are obviously layering polishes. Here are some layering that I did:

My jelly sandwich:

 Jelly Sandwich using Zoya Kate and Sally Hansen White Veil

 And then I layered Belle over Kate and Coraline:

 1 coat of Belle over Coraline

 1 coat of Belle over Kate

Overall I DO like these polishes, I'm not in love with them just yet but like I said before I gotta play with them a bit. My descriptions were short haha, they are jelly polishes - and that's about it! They did seem like they took a bit longer to dry than most Zoya polishes I own (50+). I'm toying with ideas in my head about layering over different polishes and glitters hmmm, the possiblities!

You can grab the limited edition Zoya trio here on Birchbox. It's $22 and ships for free! :] Get it while it's still available, theses super shiny jellies are pretty cool!

Until tomorrow,

PS: If you haven't signed up for Birchbox and want to give it a shot you can sign up here!

Birchbox is a service that sends you a box of monthly samples. Sometimes they send full size products, I've gotten a full size Essie, Tarte lip crayon-thingie and an all over face stick-thingie (can you tell I'm no good at makeup stuff lmao) in the past 2 boxes!


  1. If you saw my swatches and didn't see much of a VNL, it's because sadly I have almost no nail line. Lol your nails are so beautiful and I love your length. Those layering combos you did are AWESOME! I might have to try a few out!

    1. Haha, I wish I didn't have a nail line :P Especially my pointer finger ugh. Thank you though! I need to come up with some other layering ideas :]

  2. Lol I haven't heard of the chosen blogs either! Love Belle layered over the others!

  3. I like the color but the nail line bothers me :(
    I don't like to see it.

    I'm in love with my Zoya just upset that some stain and don't come off well.

    1. Hmmm, any nail polish can stain: do you use a base coat?

      That's strange, I've never had an issue with removal. They're actually the easiest to remove for me with or without the Remove +


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