Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Sponge Gradient Nails

Pin It Today I have a sponge gradient manicure. I have almost posted one of these in the past but I stained my fingers really bad with one of the polishes I was using and decided to pass hahaha

More pictures and a quick tutorial after the jump!

- Makeup sponges (I got mine from Big Lots)
- 3+ polishes for a gradient (I used: Revlon Midnight, Chic and Blue Lagoon)
- Glitter/shimmer top coat (Optional, I used Revlon Calla Lily)

Sponge gradients are rather easy to do, you want to line up the polishes in the order you want them on your nail and then dab them a little on some paper/towel before applying on the nail. Like so:

Once you dabbed the excess polish off the sponge, dab the sponge on your nail. You might need to do it quite a fewwwww times to get it to become opaque on the nail. Also, for me it's easier if you try to build up the polish on the nail while it's tacky or dry, not when it's wet!

Once you build up the opaqueness that you want, top coat it! You can add a glitter or shimmer top coat (I used Calla Lily), it helps cover up any imperfections.

Here are some more pictures! :]

This is a pretty cool technique that looks great with many colors and is super easy to execute!

Hope you enjoyed!

Until tomorrow,

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