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Pin It Today I have something special for you! A look into a NEW Indie brand called Twisted Fantasy polish!

Twisted Fantasy Polish [L->R: Yo Mamma, Blue You Away, Sky on Acid and New Obsession]

These indie polishes are packed with tons of glitter in very unique ways! Jump over for a ton of swatches!

These polishes are super awesome, I'm not saying that just because the lady that runs Twisted Fantasy Polish is one of my Instagram friends, but these are SERIOUSLY awesome polishes! Here's a close up of the bottled glittery goodness:

L->R: Sky on Acid, Yo Mamma, Blue You Away and New Obsession

I'm going to review them in the order above! No top coats, except on Blue You Away So first! Sky on Acid:

1 coat of Sky on Acid over Zoya Mimi

1 coat of Sky on Acid over Zoya Mimi
Sky on Acid blurred to show sparkle!
Loving the name, right? Haha Wow, wow, wow. Super sparkly this one is! I layered 1 coat of SOA over Zoya Mimi (which you can't even see). SOA is a super deep purple base with tons of glitter! There is a crazy amount of silver holo glitter throughout the polish with silver medium hex, silver diamonds, and smaller pink hex. If you have Nerd Lacquer Nebula - this reminds me a LOT of that polish. I have to say, I was impressed by how pigmented the base was, still jelly but it covered super well.... and covered super well with tons of glitter at that! It was a little on the thick side, but manageable. Can you see how much this sparkles? Look at the blurred picture, now imagine that in the sunlight...cliffhanger.

Next is Yo Mamma (my favorite name haha):

1 coat of Yo Mamma over Zoya Rory

1 coat of Yo Mamma over Zoya Rory

Yo Mamma blurred for sparkle!

YO MAMMA! Haha, awesome. Here's another super sparkly baby who is also packed with tons of silver holo glitter. In addition it has silver hex and bar glitter in the mix. NICE! I love bar glitter! This one has a pink base but it seemed to be the less pigmented of them all. If you're familiar with OPI Teenage Dream, this reminds me of that polish but add awesome hex and bar glitter to it.

Next is Blue You Away
 1 coat of Blue You Away over Sinful Colors Grecian Sun

 1 coat of Blue You Away over Sinful Colors Grecian Sun
 1 coat of Blue You Away over Sinful Colors Grecian Sun
I shouldn't even really mention the base color I used because you can't even see it haha. This one was a SUPER pigmented royal blue jelly, oh gosh how gorgeous this color is! And there is so, so, so much glitter in this polish: blue hex, green hex, larger iridescent hex, and silver diamonds. In one coat there was SO much glitter it was awesome. I talked to Cara about this and she said that there is an issue with this polish being too goopy and she is working on fixing it. Being goopy, it just pulled out more glitter and required extra brush strokes. (This is the only one with a top coat by the way)

Next, my obsession: New Obsession:
 1 coat of New Obsession over Zoya Cho
1 coat of New Obsession over Zoya Cho
1 coat of New Obsession over Zoya Cho
This one is my favorite, it's so pretty! It's a sheer beige-y pink base with shimmer plus a ton of gold glitter, gold hex, silver diamonds and large gold hex (I didn't get any on the nail :[ ). I layered it over Zoya Cho which was a perfect match for the base. I love how classy this looks! It's a pretty nude with a touch of bling. AHHH! I just love it haha. This was probably the smoothest formula out of all of them.

And then I got fancy, and bored:
Nail art using Twisted Fantasy Polish New Obsession
Still 1 coat of New Obsession over Cho, then I taped off half my nail and painted on Revlon Colorstay in Midnight with MAC Immortal Gold as an accent between the two :] I was sad when i had to take this off haha

Overall, besides Blue You Away (which I addressed above), I had zero application issues. Every polish was perfect in one coat over a base and packed with tons of glitter. I'm not the biggest fan of shaped glitter (diamonds) but some how I didn't mind it. These polishes probably only need one coat of Seche Vite to make smooth, Blue You Away was the roughest because of all the glitter and it was good with one top coat.

You can find Twisted Fantasy Polish here on Etsy! Her polishes are currently $8.50 a bottle. You can also like her Facebook page, here, for updates!

She even has one with glow in the dark glitter, go check it out! She's currently having a soft opening because she is waiting for more supplies, so if you see something you like - grab it!I just bought a bottle of New Obsession :D

What do you think of these Indies? Some of you might of seen me referring her page on my Facebook, now you know why! Pretty, pretty :]
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