Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time On My Nails Guest Post

Pin It Hello Lacey's Readers! I'm Julie, visiting from Time On My Nails. I'm very excited for this opportunity to do my first guest blog - thanks Lacey! I'm thrilled to be able to share some nail art with all of you today.

As those of us who paint our nails far too often (even though there's no such thing...) know, Bad Nail Days are just as possible as Bad Hair Days. Sometimes, you sit down to do a manicure, and nothing goes right. It doesn't look as good as it did in your head, you keep bumping your nails into one another and other things, and then you finish - and the top coat shrinks, wrinkles, or gets something stuck in it. My point is, any number of things can go wrong! But I, for one, am no quitter; I am rarely patient enough to take it all off and start again. So it is essential to have some manicure-saving nail art tricks up your sleeve!

Here are some of the polishes and tools I used for the various aspects of this manicure. Joe Fresh Pointe, Ozotic 532, and Illamasqua Jo'mina, thin striping tape, a thin nail art striping brush, and Seche Vite top coat. I also used Revlon Silver Screen as an accent. The black container propping them up is my go-to cuticle cream, Lush Lemony Flutter.

On the left, I used three coats of the sheer-but-buildable Joe Fresh Pointe, with an accent of two coats of Illamasqua Jo'mina. On the right, I did the reverse. I was very pleased with the colour combination - sort of delicate and spring-y at the same time - until the multiple coats of Pointe started to wrinkle under the top coat. Boo!

On the left hand, I started by adding two coats of Ozotic 532 over the Jo'Mina accent nail, to liven it up with some holo-duochrome-y goodness. Then, to cover the worst of the Pointe nails, I added French tips in Jo'Mina with the aid of simple French-manicure guide stickers. Then I used my striping brush to line those tips with Revlon Silver Screen, followed by another coat of Seche Vite.


On the other hand, I taped the Jo'Mina nails off on a diagonal and added Ozotic 532 to the tips, and accented that with Silver Screen as well. On the Pointe nail I laid striping tape at a diagonal, painted over it with Jo'Mina, then pulled up the tape. This was also followed by some Seche Vite.

And there you have it! With some simple tools and basic techniques, any manicure can be salvageable. Don't give up when it gets all wonky! Thanks for looking, everyone, and thanks again, Lacey, for letting me stop by.

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