Wednesday, May 9, 2012

KLEANCOLOR: Winter Wonderland

Pin It Hello lovelies! I know a lot of people like the Kleancolor chunky holo polishes. I had an eBay rewards credit I had to use and I was trying to decide what Kleancolor polish to get, since I've never owned one. Welllll somehow I stumbled across this pretty and had to have it!

Kleancolor Winter Wonderland

Jump for swatches!

 Isn't that just so pretty in the bottle?! Wait till you see it on the nail:

 2 coats of Kleancolor Winter Wonderland

  2 coats of Kleancolor Winter Wonderland

 Blurry close up

This polish is SOOO shiny and sparkly! Imagine a crazy foil silver polish packed with every color of glitter possible. That's this polish! You have so many glitter colors: blue, red, orange, pink, blue, purple, and yellow! I think my favorite part of this polish is the yellow glitter, it's hard to see but it's so cool looking! Haha

None of the swatches have a top coat, and I have to say I was pretty dang impressed how smooth this was for a glitter polish. It wasn't the slightest bit rough at all. A thin top coat would take care of anything you feel, which isn't much.

I was also impressed how easily this removed, I left it on my thumb for a few days. Not only did it have super minimal tip wear it came off faster than any other glitter polish I've removed.

I purchased this polish from eBay for about $4 :] (I linked a search for ya!)

I think I might look into purchasing some more Kleancolor polishes, probably some more glitters because they seem to be the most unique. Any suggestions?

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  1. Wow, pretty color! Glad I'm able to find them in my area at $1.99!

    1. I saw them somewhere around here for $1.99 but they don't have this color >.< That's about what I paid after I used my credit though haha

  2. this is one of my top ten absolutely favourite polishes! :-)

  3. It's so pretty! I'm glad this was my first to try of this brand!

  4. I get like 12 at a time for like $25 inc shipping. I love them, I am collecting all the glitter ones. And tlc is an awesome green color, too! 24k is neat and diff kinda with diamond shape holo glitter in gold glitter. Awesome for about $2 each delivered!! That's why I can't choose. Oh and the metallics are very awesome!! ALL OF THEM!! haha

  5. Oh, andI can't believe I haven't used this one yet!! :0


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