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Sensationail Review

Pin It I received a Sensationail Starter Kit for my birthday from my sister. Obviously, I can't wear it on my nails to give it a good trial run haha. So... I wore it on my toes. I HATE painting my toes so this was perfect! (I guess this is a warning if you don't like feet don't read this post? lmao)

Sensationail Starter Kit

Review, wear pictures, kit details and more after the jump!

I hate painting my toes. HATE HATE HATE HATE it. They're probably stained for the rest of my life because I don't even mess with base coats hahah. When my sister sent me this I was SO excited to try this!

Here is what the kit comes with!

A UV lamp, to cure the polish. I also use this to dry regular nail polish ;]

Lint free wipes, mini orange stick, mini file, gel primer, gel cleanser, top coat, polish.

Instruction booklet and super-lazy-Lacey instruction card

Now onto the results! Again, if you don't like feet...then don't look bahaha ;]

Sensationail Day 1

Sensationail 3.5 WEEKS

My Review:
The Process: The process is pretty easy. I followed the instructions on the lazy-Lacey card, short and simple! It doesn't take as long to prep and cure as I thought it did. I did like the fact that even though you might mess up on your polish job, the areas where the top coat isn't covered by - the gel cleanser will wipe away the excess polish! I thought that was cool haha. Everything was super easy to apply, nothing was super thick or anything. The UV lamp has a timer on it so you don't have to worry about the time. It beeps at 30 seconds and then shuts off after a minute.

The Wear: I'm not sure if you're seeing these pictures haha. I'd say that was pretty amazing for 3.5 weeks! After stubbing toes, wearing socks/sandals/flats, the dog chewing on my toes, running the door over my foot and even chipping my toe nail... I'd say it held up pretty freaking good! I didn't put a top coat over my sticker decal, which is why it wore of - doesn't bother me much! I was pretty impressed, I got gel nails done for my wedding and sadly they started to chip 3 days later :[ (But this was last July when gel started to become popular so I think it's because the salon was new to it?)

The Removal: This is my only dislike...if it was on my nails It would probably be a lot easier haha. There are no shortcut instructions for removal, you have to read the big girl book. In short: file the protective top coat off, soak in acetone for 15 minutes and then use the orange stick to carefully scrape off the polish. Yeahhhhh I have the patience of a 5th grader, I soaked it for like 30 seconds and then ended up just filing the polish off... hahahahaa.

You can find more information and information about where to buy Sensationail on their website, here. I have seen the kits at Walmart, which is the ONLY store that comes up for me when I search in my area. The website also says you can buy them from CVS and Boots (??) online. I'm sure you can find them elsewhere on the interwebs!

I don't have exact prices for you, but I've seen the kit at Walmart for about $30 sister says $65, whoops guess I saw the wrong sign, and the polishes are about $10 each. [[EDIT: I just checked out their Facebook, they have a $3 OFF coupon on there!]]

What do you think? Going to give it a shot? :]

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  1. wow that's impressive! totally not bothered by toes either!

  2. Thanks! This is very helpful! I HATE painting my toes. I have arthritis in my neck and back and painting my toes is a nightmare. I would LOVE to be able to do something that would last like this. SO going to try this!

  3. SensatioNail rocks!!! Great Blog!!

  4. Best way to take the polish off of your toes is to use cotton balls, acetone, and foil. File the protective top coat down. Soak a cotton ball in acetone. Then place it on top of a toe and then wrap foil around it to keep it in place. Do all toes that way (of course). Let it sit for about 15 to 30 mins and then rub the cotton with foil still applied over the toe nail to get any access polish off. If any is left use your orange stick to scrape off. This is a better option than putting your entire foot in acetone; that would be really bad on the skin.

  5. Does anyone know what to do IF it chips- cuz it DID - im ok with it chipping - cuz the rest of the nails look great - but what do I do with the chipped nails - can I re-do just the chipped part using the same steps - sand, clean, base, color and top coats?

    1. That's what I would do, either that or redo the entire nail. I've never had that issue come up so I haven't tried methods yet. But I'd try doing the chip first and if that looks odd then redo it :]

    2. I had a small chip on one of my index fingers. All I did was very carefully applied the base/top coat to the chipped area-cure- applied the color over the chipped area- cure- applied the base/top coat again- cure. You could never tell there was a chip.

  6. Also - has anyone tried the new Sally Hansen gel nail kit that has an LED light or the one that is stick ons also with an LED light?

    1. I haven't, personally. Only because I don't use gel polish much >.<


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