Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BARIELLE Falling Star & CHINA GLAZE Riveting

Pin It Hello, hello! Today I have 2 lovely polishes I've been wanting to wear a full manicure of but haven't gotten around to doing. Thankfully being on vacation forced me to wear my polish for more than 10 hours ha!

Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

Jump over and see what I did with these beauties!

These polishes are SO pretty on their own. They're even gorgeous in the bottle! I've swatched them on a finger or two but never a full hand.

Here's what I created! (Insert evil laugh here)

Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

 Barielle Falling Star & China Glaze Riveting

Don't you love when combos in your mind transfer great!? I do! The red-ish glitter in Falling Star plays so well with the coppery shimmer in Riveting. Sorry if my swatches suck haha my in-laws don't really have anywhere great for nail pictures, booooo!

Barielle Falling Star is a dusty creme blue with copper glitter. I did 3 coats to hit opaque. This polish is just so awesome! I really like Barielle polishes, if you don't own any you should check 'em out! I like how unique this is! The copper glitter and blue polish is just a brilliant combo! I did have some issues with the polish being kinda thick on the nail towards the 3rd coat. I don't think it's anything a little thinner won't fix though.

China Glaze Riveting, oh my gahhhhh. This polish has amazed me since I got it back in Feb. but ahhhh! So gorgeous!! Such a pretty red-orange with tons of gold glass fleck packed into it. this polish glows! So pretty and so fiery! This was 2 coats and no issues!

Just an awesome combo :] Anyone own both these beauties?! If not ya should!

You can find Barielle on their website or on Transdesign.You can also find China Glaze on Transdesign, along with other e-tailers and at Sally Beauty!

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