Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Strawberry Nail Art

Pin It Every time I go to the grocery store the FIRST thing I think of is "oh, I wonder how much strawberries are!?" And thankfullllllyyyy it is that time a year that they're not going to break my grocery budget if I buy them! :D I was craving strawberries the other day and didn't want to waste gas so my solution....?

...apparently, to put them on my nails. Jump on it! I got tutorials for yahhhh guys!

So my little sugar lumps (lol, wut?) Here's a super quick and easy tutorial I put together for y'all. How do you guys like my tutorials anyhow? Should I do anything different? Should I even bother? Bahaha!


- Zoya Arizona
- Zoya Sooki
- Julep Leah
- Sinful Black on Black
- Sinful Snow Me White
- Dotting tool and brushes of your choosing

Let's whip this out in 4 easy steps!
[STEP 1] Make a grid/plaid pattern with Zoya Arizona.
[STEP 2] With Zoya Sooki, paint on some rounded triangles. I've never seen a plastic basket full super perfect strawberries, have you? So don't stress too much! :]
[STEP 3] Then, using Julep Leah, draw 3 small lines coming out from one point on the strawberry tops. Then draw a short line underneath them to connect them.
[STEP 4] Using a tttttttttttinnny dotting tool, add your seeds! (I was going to leave it.. but they looked like radishes haha)

Pretty simple, huh? I love how cute this is! I almost wanted to do it on all my nails and leave it forever! ALMOST! Here are a few pictures of the finished manicure for good measure:

Darn, now I want some strawberries! Good thing yesterday was payday! Yummmmmm.

Until Monday,


  1. Hah, I just bought a huge basket of strawberries yesterday and totally DEVOURED them--I'm so glad they're back in season!

    Your manicure is totally cute! I may just be sporting some strawberries of my own very soon :)

  2. OOH that came out so nice!! Everytime I try to use nail art brushes with nail polish, they always pull away the color...-=(

  3. Tooo Cute!!! LOVE It!! Nice tutorial as well.

  4. Thanks! Awe I wonder why... I've never had issues with brushes. Hmmm I wonder!

  5. JEALOUS!!! I always talk myself out of buying them because I love them so much haha I try to make them last, forget about em and then they go moldy lmao

    I hope your strawberry nails come out pretty!


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