Friday, May 18, 2012


Pin It Today I have for you guys an indie polish I got in the mail yesterday!

Pretty & Polished

Tart from Pretty & Polished! YAYYYYYYYYY! I was lucky to get this, I actually manual typed in my credit card information haha so it could of been swiped at any time! Happy to add this to my Pretty & Polished collection!
Swatches & review ->>>>

 Pretty & Polished Tart

Look at all that glitterrrrrr!!!!!!! Tons of gold, blue, white and magenta hex glitter, BUT also large magenta and white hex! Then, there is tons of tiny purple glitter mixed in a light purple, semi-milky, shimmery base.

I layered this over Zoya Marley which was the closest thing I had matching the base of Tart. It didn't really matter lol, I could of layered it over a white and it would of been fine - you can't even tell the polish I layered it over. I just wasn't into building up opaqueness ;] I did 2 coats to give it a more layered/sandwich look:

Pretty & Polished Tart 2 Coats over Zoya Marley

Pretty & Polished Tart 2 Coats over Zoya Marley

Pretty & Polished Tart, 2 Coats over Zoya Marley

How gorgeous is that!? I was kinda iffy about it when I ordered it but I figured I'd give it a shot since everyone seems to love it. WELL I LOVE IT! The blue and gold glitter got me when I swatched it on one nail. I took off everything (on my nails - duh) I had and put this baby on all 10 phalanges. I was pretty impressed that I was able to get the larger magenta hex glitter out without fishing for it, there are 3 of them on my nails. I was kinda worried about it since getting the red squares out of Jawbreaker is a pain in the... ya know! The application was flawless, smooth as can be! I actually think I like this formula MORE than the other 3 I own (Party on my Yacht, Jawbreaker and Elvis' Pink Cadillac). It went on so smooth and all the glitters laid down flat, even the larger pieces!

You can find Tart and other beauties in the Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop. Bottles are priced around $8.50 each. Her shop is currently closed but you can sign up for a notification when she returns in the shop or watch her Facebook page for info!

I hope you guys are ready for some more indie reviews! I have a bunch coming in the mail while I'm on vaca ;] 

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