Monday, May 14, 2012

Walgreen's Haul: WET N WILD & ESSIE (Plus Nail Mail: ELIXIR LACQUERS)

Pin It Hope everyone had a great weekend! Husband and I went to St. Augustine, FL for a his friends' grad party and birthday! It was nice to hang out at the beach and finally get the chance to be come a shade darker than a piece of paper ;]

Before we headed out, I stopped at Walgreen's to take advantage of the 99 cent Wet n' Wild sale. I also found an Essie for $4 on clearance (I love that the Walgreen's here put Essie on clearance frequently!), it was on my Wishlist too!

On a Trip, Through the Grapevine, 2% Milk, and School of Hard Rocks

Swatches after the jump!

I saw one of my Instagram girls post a swatch of this pretty purple and I couldn't pass it up! Actually, that's why I went for the sale. On a Trip is a light purple with some blue in it, I don't own China Glaze Secret Periwinkle but - it reminds me of that polish. This was a quick, perfect, 2 coats. The formula was great and the polish was kind of like a hybrid between a jelly and creme polish. So here is, On a Trip:

Wet N Wild On a Trip

Now, this is where my issue is with Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. I love LOVE the formula of these polishes. These polishes are right up there with my obsession with Revlon Colorstay's. I like how great the formula is, I can do 2 coats of every polish in that line and it's perfect! Not to mention the shine! All these swatches are without top coats and are just so shiny on their own. Loove.

BUTTTT the one drawback that gets me EVERY TIME I want to purchase these polishes is their ManiCurve brushes. I HATE THESE BRUSHES SO MUCH. They're too thick, and too wide. I hate how it holds so much polish at the base of the brush and nearly none at the tip. *sigh* But I will buy them when they're on sale, I just won't pay the $1.99... don't laugh at me I'm cheap haha

As soon as I swatched On a Trip, Bad Kitty by Elixir Lacquers popped in my head! I've been DYING to swatch Bad Kitty for about 2-3 weeks now but I didn't own a polish that was perfect to swatch over... until now! MWAHAHA

L: Wet N Wild On a Trip R: Elixir Lacquers LE Bad Kitty

And here is Bad Kitty layered:

Elixir Lacquers Bad Kitty over Wet N Wild On a Trip
PPPPPUUUUURRRRfection. I am head over heels for the blue flashes in this polish. So pretty. SO SO pretty. The above swatch is just one layer of Bad Kitty.

Next is another purple Wet N Wild polish called Through the Grapevine:

Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine

The reason why I got this purple is because it reminds me (it's a tad bit lighter) of a discontinued Revlon that I own called Plummy. Plummy is actually one of my favorite polishes in my stash. I've had it for awhile and I'm down to half a bottle... so I needed a back up! This is just a pretty pretty polish to me. Again, 2 coats no issues with the formula (just the stupid brush!). I love this plum, magentaish purple so much!

Next is 2% Milk:

Wet N Wild 2% Milk

Probably the most boring swatch you'll ever see me post, huh? Ok let me explain WHY I'm posting this swatch. As boring as it is, I've never found a sheer nude polish that I can use for french manicures that doesn't take 20 coats and 10 hours to dry. I read something, somewhere about 2% Milk and decided to give it a go. Uhhhh glad I freaking did! I was so shocked by how great this polish was. Even as sheer as it was the formula was amazing - which I frequently find an issue in sheer nude polishes. I could of gone with 1 coat, but like most sheerer polishes there was a bit of balding so I added a 2nd for good measure. PERFECTION! THE HUNT IS OVER PEOPLE! I NEED NOT SEARCH ANY MORE! I die.

Here's my $4 Essie, School of Hard Rocks:

 Essie School of Hard Rocks
From time to time I'm able to find an Essie on clearance at Walgreen's. I can usually find them for $2, but I'm a-okay with $4 too haha. ESPECIALLY when it is a polish on my Wishlist! School of Hard Rocks is an awesome color. This Essie is a dusty dark teal with a hint of blue, simply perfectly gorgeous. This was 2 coats, I didn't notice the balding on my pointer finger until after I saw this picture... should of went for 3 coats! This formula was actually more sheer than most of the blue and green Essie polishes I own, I was kind of irked by it... well besides the Luxe Effects collection: The only Essie polishes I own are blues and greens haha

I hope you guys enjoyed my little mess of swatches from Walgreen's! Any Essie's anyone owns that aren't blue or green with a formula that won't let me down? Let me know ;]

Until tomorrow,


  1. Great haul!! Essie's are NEVER on clearance around here. You are so lucky!

    1. I've only seen them here! And one time in 2010 in Houston, that's it! I bet a lot of them sell out before they can clearance them

  2. I'm glad you like 2% Milk. It sounds boring, but it is hands down my favorite WetNWild because it is PERFECT for jelly sandwiches! I literally own 4 bottles just in case! :)

    1. Ahhhh! I gotta try a jelly sammich with it! I'm SOOOOO happy I tried it! Next sale I'm buying 4 bottles lmao. I did a French manicure real quick with it to see, I couldn't of been more in love with the results!

  3. I really like those Wet n' Wilds! You always find the best polishes! :)

  4. Nice haul! They all look so pretty.


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