Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revlon Scented Jelly Polishes [Grape Fizz & Pineapple Fizz]

Pin It Hello lovelies! Today I have a few jelly scented polishes from Revlon. OOOh! AHHHHH!

 Revlon Pineapple Fizz (top) and Grape Fizz (bottom)

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Que, bottle shot!

 Revlon Pineapple Fizz (top) and Grape Fizz (bottom)

How yummy are these just in the bottle!? So much shine! I've never purchased any scented polish before these... Revlon, discount price "WHY NOT?!", I said. Lets take a look on the nail :]

First up is, Grape Fizz:

Revlon Grape Fizz

Revlon Grape Fizz (Close Up)

Grape Fizz is... well... really grape-y looking! I think of Grape Jolly Ranchers when I saw this haha. Smells SOOOOOOO strongly of grape! To the point it almost made me sick... even from arm's length away *sigh*, not even a top coat cut the smell!

ANYWAYS! This purple polish is a jelly with glass fleck through out that sparkles blue, purple and pink! You can totally see the glass fleck color shift in the close up above, way pretty. I used 3 coats of Grape Fizz to kill the visible nail line and, like most jellies, this need a bit of drying time to avoid sliding around. I REALLY like the final color, but the smell is just TOO much for me :[


Revlon Grape Fizz and Spoiled Trust Fund Baby jelly sandwich
Yup, I just said that haha. This is 2 coats of Grape Fizz, 1 coat of Spoiled Trust Fund Baby (which I MUST say is 10x better than Pet My Peacock!!!! PMP was such a pain in the a....), and a final layer of Grape Fizz. It made a pretty jelly sandwich with the glass fleck in Grape Fizz!

Next up is Pineapple Fizz:

This was 2 coats of Pineapple Fizz, thankfully - the scent of this wasn't nearly as strong as its purple counterpart! Pineapple Fizz is a buttery yellow... pineapple... colored jelly with tons of shiny glass fleck! Like Grape Fizz, this also took a bit of dry time.

Another jelly sammich!

How perfect is this combo? At least I find it perfect lmao. The colors in Frozen Flame are perfect for this polish! 2 coats of Pineapple Fizz, 1 coat of Frozen Flame by Rainbow Honey, and 1 coat of Pineapple Fizz to top it all off! SOOO SPARKLY!!!!

I got this in a packaged set for $2 at Big Lots about 3 weeks ago. It wasn't consistent at each Big Lots in my area though, only 1 carried them.

Have you found any of these recently at your Big Lots? I've been looking for more colors but, no luck :[ I'm not too dissapointed though, I don't feel like I'm a scent polish person hahaha

Until tomorrow!


  1. Im singing peanut butter jelly time in my head now!
    Lovely swatches xx

  2. i don't really like the colours. They're just too sheer. And the fact that they smell too strong isn't that cool either lol. Think i'll skip this time (and i barely skip on stuff like that) ;)
    Love, Janine

  3. I love glass fleck polishes, so I'll have to hunt these down. I'm not too crazy about scented polishes, but I like pineapple so maybe it'll work out alright.

  4. The Pineapple Fizz jelly sandwich look amazing!

  5. I love glass fleck too, hopefully the rest of the collection isn't as strong as the grape!

  6. It wasn't really a $2 loss or if I didn't get them a collection loss haha they're just OKAY


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