Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CULT NAILS Haul Part II: The Top Coats

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L->R Let Me Fly, Captivated, Seduction, and Living Water

(Here's Part I if you missed yesterday!)


So before I start showing you super amazing swatches and the reviews, I want to have a moment of silence for the first bottle of polish I've ever broke:

WHYYYYYYY!?!?! Don't worry, ordered another one 10 minutes after.

ANYWAY: Today I'm covering what I'm referring to as the "top coats". This post will include Seduction and Captivated. These polishes are ones that are meant to be worn over another color or will take a lot of layering to make opaque.

First up, Captivated!

1 coat of Captivated

1 coat of Captivated over Zoya Lara

1 coat of Captivated over Zoya Lara

Pretty huh?! Captivated is a crazy iridescent, gold-ish, orange flashing, glitter (small and medium sized) bomb in a coral pink jelly base. AKA: It's super awesome! I layered 1 coat over Zoya Lara to bring out the pink, and I wasn't in the mood to find a coral polish haha. I do want to try wearing this on its own, as you can see from the first picture: it is kind of sheer so it will need a lot of building up. I'm interested to see what kind of jelly sandwich it can create! No issues with application or drying here. I'm actually thrilled and impressed with the drying time of Cult Nails polishes, btw. I also liked how much glitter was in 1 coat!

Next is the polish that is currently being compared to Cult's previous Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant, Seduction (the polish that busted on my tile floor lol):

 1 coat of Seduction

  1 coat of Seduction

  1 coat of Seduction over Cult Nails Living Water

 1 coat of Seduction over Cult Nails Living Water

 1 coat of Seduction over Cult Nails Living Water

Oh what a gorgeous purple jelly packed with flakies you are, Seduction! I could stare at the bottle all day if I didn't want to get anything done haha. Like Captivated, this is also a super sheer jelly polish that needs layers. It reminds me of Zoya's Fleck Effect collection, flakies packed into a colored jelly base. I layered it over Cult Nails Living Water since it was a dark polish and I already had it on my nails. Yum! The flakies flash royal blue, red-orange, and yellowish-green. So pretty! Again, no issues with application or drying! :] If you're loving this polish as much as I am, I'd grab it quick! It's another limited edition polish.

You can grab Cult Nails polishes from They run for $10 a polish and Maria has a variety of shades available! They recently had a $5 polish sale (minus limited edition shares) and they're going to have another one soon. I will post here or on my Facebook when that will be :] I really recommend checking out Cult Nails, you won't be disappointed!

Which was your favorite out of the two part haul?!

Until tomorrow,

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