Monday, April 2, 2012

NERDLACQUER: Swatches & Reviews

Pin It Happy, happy Monday!That's like an oxymoron, right?

Well be happy! I have some NERDLACQUER swatches for you today! I ordered/purchased Pinin' for the Fjords, All of Time and Space, The Quantum Bluniverse, Nebula and she must of knew how much I wanted Cyance Friction? Because I didn't order it but it was in my box! I've been putting off ordering from NerdLacquer since September/October - no clue why - I'm kicking myself right now... LOOK at these BEAUTIES!

Clockwise (starting on the left):Pinin' for the Fjords, All of Time and Space,
The Quantum Bluniverse, Cyance Friction and Nebula

After looking at the bottles I was worried about how sheer these polishes would be on the nail. To my surprise I got away with 2 coats for all of these. These would look great layered over different colors, which I plan on doing in the future to save the polishy goodness!

Swatches and reviews after the jumppppp! Check 'em out!

First up, is Pinin' for the Fjords:

Pinin' for the Fjords: 2 Coats

A sheer grey-ish, blue-ish, lavender base with the PRETTIEST glitters! I love the sparkle of the purple, blue, silver, and black glitter! I can't tell you guys how much I love all types of black glitter right now haha. I like this because it feels girly without being a pink or super purple polish.

All of Time and Space:

All of Time and Space: 2 Coats

I keep calling this "All of Space and Time" haha, not the name! THIS was the polish I've been lemming after the most. But can you blame me? HOLY. COW. So SO gorgeous! This is a gorgeous minty-seafoam base with fuschia and silver glitter with a gorgeous shimmer through out. It's just a wonderfully unique combo and it just looks amazing!

Next, The Quantum Bluniverse:

 The Quantum Bluniverse: 2 Coats

BEAUTIFUL inky blue base with such gorgeous gold shimmer through out! Not to mention the awesome gold hex and blue SQUARE glitters! Not to mention, it does have some greenish-gold flash to it too! This polish is so pretty, SO SO pretty! I knew I loved it when I saw it in her Etsy shop, and it's SO much better in real life.

Cyance Friction:

Cyance Friction: 2 Coats
I knew I wanted this polish, I decided to put it on hold to be sweet to my wallet so it would forgive me to the other damages haha. Somehow I paid for 4 and this little beauty snuck it's way in my box? So sweet of her! I screamed I was so happy hahaha

This is showing up WAYYYYYYYYYYY more blue than it is in real life. I had a hard time capturing the real color, and that hurt my heart :[ It's a LOT more green in real life, it has a cyan (duh), teal colored base. As if this color isn't amazing enough... there is a gold shimmer with large gold hex and teal square glitter. GETS BETTER!!! DUO. CHROME. FLASHES. Off the hook. This polish is probably the most gorgeous thing I have had the privilege of putting on my nails in months! (And that's a lot coming from me haha) I'm wearing this right now and I CANNOT stop staring at my nails! If you ever get the chance to own this baby, SNATCH IT UP!

Last, but certainly not least, Nebula:

Nebula: 2 Coats

I'm not a big fan of darker polishes on me, but I decided to give this one a go around. Pretty freakin' happy I did! Again, I can't even take a picture that can do this polish the justice it deserves. It's a super dark purpleish-burgandy jelly base (it reminds me of a dark red wine haha) with medium sized blue and red hex glitter. There is also red, purple and iridescent glitter mixed in. GETS BETTER: holographic sparkles all over! This polish is loaded with so much glitter, just the right amount, it's awesome! 

Here is a blurry picture to show the holo and sparkle that this polish has:

Nebula blurred to show sparkle

Oh and this polish loved me so much it decided to spill all over my brand new, cream colored, crochet dress I was wearing for my birthday :[ Luckily, Husband and I were able to scrub the hell out of it with some acetone without ruining it. A quick wash with a stain stick and it was good as new! Thank gosh!!! I wanted to cry so bad haha

TL;DR? I don't know why I've put off trying Nerdlacquer for months, biggest polish mistake I've made. These have to beat out all the Etsy polishes I have, I said it! *Slaps wrist* But, IT'S TRUE. I wouldn't lie to you guys. The colors, the formula, the glitter ratio, uniqueness of the mixes, and everything under the sun is remarkable. I can't even tell you a favorite out of all 5 I received, that's how much I'm in love with these haha. Like all glitters, they can be a little gritty to the touch. Suprisingly though, they're not too gritty, a quick layer of Seche Vite and everything is smooth! If you guys get a chance, grab some of these polishes! Probably ANY, I doubt you'll be disappointed :]

You can find NerdLaquer for $10ish a bottle on Etsy, Harlow & Co., ThinkGeek, and Ninja Polish. They're all sold out right now, sadly. I would subscribe to get an email on Etsy when she restocks :]

Until next time,

PS: I still have a bunch of polishes from Etsy to review haha I have 4 more coming in the mail too. I would of reviewed the others sooner but I felt these needed to be shared ASAP!

PPS: I'm not sure why someone on the interwebs said my swatches aren't accurate lol if they weren't 1) I wouldn't post them and 2) I'd tell you if there are ANY deviations from the photo. I cannot do anything about monitor settings or colors.


  1. Great swatches! Seems like all the polishes I like are sold out! Sheesh

    1. Thank ya! Yeah it seems she makes HUGE batches then sells out. Hopefully she'll be back soon. I def reccomend signing up for the etsy notifications!

  2. Darn this no-buy. I need all of these. Like, yesterday.

    1. Yeah :( I'd sign up for the etsy notifications! When she comes bac she comes in full force so it's easy to get what ya want!

  3. Great Swatches! These are beautiful colors. My favorite is All time and space.

    1. Thanks, love! Isn't it a great combo?! I never would of put those 2 colors together on my own!

  4. Haven't had the pleasure of trying indie polishes myself, but these are lovely!!

    nominated you for an award!

    1. You need to try some! They're amazing!

      Thank you for the nomination, very sweet of you!! <3

  5. Very cool post. Have to check these out. I like them all.


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