Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CULT NAILS Haul Part I: The Glitters

Pin It Cult nails Haul! I bought 4 polishes in their $5 sale (+1 normal priced LE polish). I'm going to divide the post up into 2 parts, 2 polishes per post :] Today...

L->R Let Me Fly, Captivated, Seduction, and Living Water

Hop on over and see what I'm covering today :]
Today's post consists of "the glitters", Let Me fly and Living Water. If you don't know about Cult Nails, let me just tell you. Putting off not knowing and not trying is one of my worst polish mistakes! (Made the SAME mistake with Nerd Lacquer) A lovely lady named Maria runs the Cult Nails! They are a a 4-free, cruelty free, vegan friendly brand, which is AWESOME! You know what else is awesome? Polish burritos!

Cult Nails Polish Burritos

Who knew packaging could be so yummy! Not to mention it's all made out of recycled materials. AND you get cotton balls! Lord knows we all need more of those puppies!

First up, Let Me Fly:

Cult Nails Let Me Fly: 2 coats

Cult Nails Let Me Fly: 2 coats

 Let me fly was the ONE $5 sale polish I KNEW I was going to get. I'm a sucker for blues and greens, especially teal colors! Let Me Fly is a dusty, darker, teal color, it has very pretty silver glassfleck throughout the polish. I must say that this color is pretty unique, I can't find anything similar in my many blue-green colors! I had ZERO issues with application, this polish went on pretty freaking smoothly. 2 coats made it totally opaque on the nail. It really is a pretty polish!

And for funzies I stamped BM 203's medallion design on top in black:

 Cult Nails Let Me Fly with Bundle Monster Plate 203

I really liked that stamp more than I thought I would! :]

Next up is Living Water. I was only going to order 2 of the 3 allowed $5 polishes during the sale UNTIL a blogger (dang it, I can't ever remember!) posted her swatches of this polish, I knew I had to have it.

Cult Nails Living Water: 2 coats

Cult Nails Living Water: 2 coats

Cult Nails Living Water = sparkly goodness

Now, the reason why I passed up this polish initally, I ALWAYS thought it was black with green-ish glitters. I'm not a fan of black or darker polishes, but those swatches I saw changed my mind entirely! This polish IS NOT black, ALMOST black but it's a deep inky, blue-green, color. It's SO SO SO gorgeous! Even though I'm not a darker polish fan, I could wear this everyday because of its color! In it, there is green-ish and silver glitter scattered throughout. As the last polish, this one was 2 coats with no issues. Simply a stunner!

You can grab Cult Nails polishes from www.cultnails.com. They run for $10 a polish and Maria has a variety of shades available! They recently had a $5 polish sale (minus limited editions) and they're going to have another one soon. I will post here or on my Facebook when that will be :] I really recommend checking out Cult Nails, you won't be disappointed!

Interested in seeing the other 2 I purchased? Stick around for my Part II: "The Top Coats" post tomorrow :]

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  1. I have never stamped before, but your gorgeous stamping job makes me want to try. It looks sophisticated but cool and even sexy!

    1. Aww thanks! <3 It REALLY is a practice makes perfect kinda thing, I have to redo them a lot sometimes. You should give it a shot! It's kinda fun the stuff you can create :]

    2. Sounds like magnetic polish, where I have to redo it a lot, but it's fun and pretty. :-)


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