Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nail Art Week, Day #7: The Cloud Manicure

Pin It I'm on my own personal quest to become better at nail art. And in order to become better, I need practice! Since I have no one to practice on, I have to practice on myself. SOOOO this week, I am replicating a bunch of designs I saw online and I also am going to include step by step instructions on how YOU can replicate them!

For today's nail art I decided to give the infamous "cloud" manicure a shot. I feel like everyone has tried this but me haha! So I gave it a shot ;]


More pictures and the tutorial to follow!

Soooo, I used like a million colors haha. I don't recommend doing this many unless you have a LOT of patience for it to dry (I don't). Here are the colors I used:

 Revlon Stiletto, Midnight, Plummy, Wet N Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint, China Glaze Turned up Turquoise, MAC Immortal Gold, Sinful Colors Innocent.

Here's how to make the clouds, I used a smaller round nail art brush:

 1) Paint your base color
2) Paint a long/tall stripe down one side of your nail, round out the top.
3) Right next to that longer stripe, paint another stripe slightly shorter, again round out the top.
4) Finally, paint a shorter rounded stripe.
[It's easy, and probably best, to adjust the length and width of the "cloud" as you go make the stripe as long or wide as you'd like!]
5) Do the same with your second color letting the first color peek out over the top of your second color.
6) Repeat the same cloud shape with your third color, again leaving a little bit peeking over the top of the third color.

And you've completed a cloud manicure :D If you're super bored like me haha you can keep going! 

Haha, it never dried but it looked super cool! :] This was a lot easier to do than I thought it was before I started, like the Girly Mixed Media manicure, you can do this with millions of different colors and create So many combinations!

Have you tried the cloud manicure yet? What do you think about it?

Until tomorrow,

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