Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nail Art Week, Day #3: Easy Watermelon Manicure

Pin It  I'm on my own personal quest to become better at nail art. And in order to become better, I need practice! Since I have no one to practice on, I have to practice on myself. SOOOO this week, I am replicating a bunch of designs I saw online and I also am going to include step by step instructions on how YOU can replicate them!

I've been wanting to try this for awhile, the idea has been stuck in my head! PLUS! Who doesn't love watermelon... well I know some people haha but that's besides the point! ;]


Pictures, super quick and sweet tutorial after the jump!

I forgot to take a supplies picture, besides the clean up brush I used. *slaps wrist* But here is what I used:
- a clean up brush
- Wet n' Wild How I Met Your Magenta
- Sinful Colors Last Chance (dark green)
- Julep Leah (light green)
- Nubar Black Polka Dot
- Seche Vite

STEP 1: What I did was paint the bottom half of my nail with Last Chance. If you can do the small half moon without clean up, you can do that also! I'd rather just worry about clean up than how they look in the end if I free handed it.

STEP 2: Used my clean up  brush and rounded out the bottom into a half moon like shape, like a watermelon slice would look like.

 STEP 3: I repeated the same steps for the lighter green, Julep Leah.

STEP 4: Filled in the rest of my nail, all the way down to the lighter green, with How I Met Your Magenta. This is 3 coats, the color is kinda sheer >.<

STEP 5: After How I met Your Magenta Dried, I added Nubar Black Polka dot to represent the "seeds"! Here is what my end result looked like:

I thought it came out pretty cute! The reason why I did this is because I've been thinking of using Black Polka Dot as "watermelon seeds" for about a month now haha. OF COURSE you can use a dotting tool and make seeds that way. But, I'm not a fan of dotting, really.

It's quick and easy nail art, just the way I like it! How do you like this in comparison to other watermelon manis? MOST of them are opposite, with the rind at the tip of the nail and the fleshy pink part at the bottom.

Good, bad, ugly? :P

Hope you enjoyed today's nail art, stay tuned for tomorrows!

Until next time,

PS: Looking for a watermelon inspired look for your eyes? Check out Pretty Face, Happy Bank's tutorial here! Not to mention she has great money saving beauty tips as well as other tutorials :]


Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate any comments, criticism, or suggestions <3