Thursday, April 12, 2012

REVLON Colorstay Nail Polish AKA My Current Obsession

Pin It I'm a big fan of Revlon polishes in general and when I saw them release their new Colorstay polishes I wanted to give them a shot!

L->R: French Roast, Midnight, Rainforest and Stiletto

No one could of prepared me for the love I have for these polishes!
Jump on over for a quick review of all the polishes!

I get questions from friends and others like, "what is a good long lasting polish? I'm going on vacation soon for a week!" Before I tried these I had no answer for that haha. I was always one to bring a bottle to touch up my polish while I was vaca-ing.

I'm a firm believer that the length of wear you get from polish depends on:
1) Prepping your nail to make sure all oils are gone to prevent the polish from not adhering.
2) If you use a base coat that works for you.
3) LIGHTLY buffing the nail to make sure the base coat has a rougher surface to stick to.
5) The use of a good top coat.
OF COURSE formulas of polishes come into play BUT, formulas aren't always consistent from brand to brand (or even polish to polish within a brand.)... although, you can keep your nail prep an polish protection pretty consistent for each mani.

ANYWAYS! I gave these polishes a test. A HUGE test, in my opinion! I wore them without a prep, buffing, a base coat OR a top coat! *gasp*! I'm not going to review the colors, which are GREAT in my opinion and are pretty pigmented for drugstore polishes.

The line claims "Gel-Like shine and up to 11 days of shatterproof color" when worn with a top and base coat. Well, I can't leave polished unchanged for that long haha... andddd people were probably WTFing at my full mani on one hand and my other hand with 4 different colors lol... I left these on for 5 days to test out their durability. Again, no top coat or base coat. Check out the results!

Revlon Colorstay polishes after 5 days of wear. (No top coat or base coat)
L->R: French Roast, Midnight, Rainforest, Stiletto

I'm pretty friggin impressed. WOW I mean to have polish last through my crazy life activities for 5 days with pretty minimal tip wear with NO TOP COAT? A+ in my book! Yeah, the gel-like wears off but, nothing a top coat can't fix! (Sorry I don't have before pictures, it got lost somehow! Google some swatches, other bloggers have great ones!)

French Roast: A brown, coffee color with rainbow micro-shimmer through out.
Midnight: A dark teal, inky blue color. This one is my favorite.
Rainforest: Dark green polish packed with lighter green sparkly, flecks. Reminds me of ChG Glittering Garland, I might have to compare them one day...
Stiletto: Your basic black creme.

All these polishes are SOOO close to being a one coater, but a thin 2nd coat seals the deal.

One warning, this polish does come with a wider brush. I don't mind it though, it was not hard to handle, not overly wide and thick like the Wet 'n Wild Mega Last brushes, and it gets your nail in all the right places to avoid necessary clean up (if you keep a steady hand)!

The Colorstay line has a super wide range of about 30 shades, anything from neutrals to greens and oranges. If you plan on buying these a little heads up: drugstores carry them for about $8, Walmart/Target has them for about $5. Even with the buy one get one half off sales drugstores run, you're better off going elsewhere. BUT I DO recommend stopping by the drug store. Each drug store I've been in has had $1 off coupons attached to the displays. Those coupons DO NOT have to be used at the drugstore! So grab one and head to Walmart or Target! ALSO, has a coupon for $2/1 Revlon Colorstay polish and you can print it TWICE :] Combine that with the $1 off coupon!

Here's Revlon's website for more info and colors.

I can't wait to try these out for real when I go on vacation next month to visit family! What do you guys think of the Colorstay line? Worth a shot? (Should I post color swatches & reviews? Let me know!)

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  1. I just bought Revlon Color Stay in Cafe Pink, and experienced the same thing! I used base coat and top coat, and was pretty happy with the fact that it only took two coats for full coverage and has shown very little wear as well. It's been on since Saturday, and it still looks acceptable. I redo my nails once a week, so by Saturday, they are usually pretty wrecked. These actually don't look too bad.

    1. It's pretty awesome, huh!? Cafe Pink is on my list to buy :D

  2. Im going to have to try these after all :())

  3. Yup! I ♥ Target. Just did the same myself with their coupon & stacking with the coupon I tore off the display @ CVS. I LOVE Rainforest! I have been eyeing it since New Year's and finally grabbed it with the coupon deals! You know the other product I love from the Colorstay line? Their BASE coat! It's awesome and really helps the manis last!

    1. Smart girl! :) rainforest was sold out like Every time I went to the store! Haha I'm going to have to try the base coat :) thanks, love!

  4. Hi, I nominated you for The Appreciation Award.

  5. how you put the polish on is just as important-do your thumb first,than jump over to pinky and work backwards ,also do one strip down the middle than do each side,fyi


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