Saturday, April 14, 2012

LACQUISTRY [Black] Shredded

Pin It Today I have for you guys Lacquistry Shredded, which is her black shredded top coat. Unfortunately, it is no longer in production and has been retired :[ (Which is why I'm super happy I got it last go around since only 9 were offered for sale!!!)

 Lacquistry Shredded in Black

Jump over for some swatches and layering :]

I don't have many Lacquistry polishes, just 3 since they sell out so fast! But I'm happy to have this (and the other 2) in my collection. After I bought the 24k Shredded I kicked myself for not buying it in black.

Excuse the wear on my tips and dry cuticles. I was in Florida for about 4 days with husband, he got PRK corrective eye surgery about a week ago. BUT I'm not sorry to share with you that this is Nerd Lacquer Cyance Fiction after 6 days of wear! Pretty impressed :]

Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction: 2 coats with Lacquistry Shredded: 2 coats

Now, I did have to dab the shreds in place sometimes, but overall a brush stroke got them on the nail. This is 2 coats which is perfect for me! I don't think I would of wanted any more pieces on my nail.

I also combined the black shredded and 24k Shredded for you guys, well and myself because it's so freaking awesome! Oh Shredded polishes how I love you so!

Lacquistry 24k Shredded and Shredded

2 Coats of 24k Shredded added to the last manicure

How awesome is that?! This was 2 coats of 24k Shredded. I'm loving the look of this! More good news is that 24k is still being made. :]

These polishes are super fun and I love them! But, I do recommend a coat or two of a thicker top coat, like Seche Vite, some of the shreds stick up every now and then and can be quite pokey! I usually only do one coat but I think it probably needs a second. If you can get your hands on any of the shredded polishes you won't be disappointed!

You can find Lacquistry polishes in Jenna's Etsy shop. The shredded polishes (minus the black, no longer for sale) runs for $8.75 with $3 shipping. Luckily, another seller has something similar to the black Shredded, which can be found here (which I just looked to see if it was in stock but it isn't, at least she'll restock!) You can also find Nerd Lacquer on Etsy.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend so far! See you on Monday, I'll be swatching all day Sunday! :]

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