Monday, April 9, 2012

CULT NAILS: Toxic Seaweed

Pin It Hi ladies (and gents?) today I have for you a polish I put off buying (yet again).  I wasn't going to let this one get away like Unicorn Puke did!This has automatically became one my favorite polishes since it blessed my dinky little mailbox yesterday afternoon.

Cult Nails: Toxic Seaweed

Pictures or it didn't happen! After the jump of course:

I was so excited to get this! This was my first Cult Nails purchase, won't be my last! I've never been so excited to see packing material in my life haha. BEHOLD, the polish burrito! (Excuse my dry hands, gotta love Eczema)

Cult Nails, polish burrito packing

This is a dark green jelly polish PACKED with tons of silver glitter and flakies that flash red, orange and gold! An ABSOLUTE gorgeous combo! I love glitter, flakies, jelly polishes, and greeeeeeen! I'm so in love with this polish. (I probably say that a lot but I'm serious this time, guys, forreal) It was pretty opaque within 2 coats, I'm sure a 3rd wouldn't hurt it. If you don't own this polish, I suggest you get your little butt over to Cult Nails' site and grab it. It's limited edition and they won't be making more! I don't think I would of been a happy camper if this wasn't added to my collection. It's just so PERFECT. Gosh.

Now, let me bombard you with a few photos:

Toxic Seaweed, 2 coats, no top coat

Toxic Seaweed: close up/blurred to show glitter and flakies!

Another angle of Toxic Seaweed

Yet, another angle with a little blurriness for sparkle enhancement

Now, I've never matted a flakie polish. Which sounds totally bizarre coming out of my... fingers? I have maybe 10+ flakie polishes in the collection of mine but I've never matted them! So, this was the flakie polish that got the honor of being matted. And OH. MY. GOODNESS. ME.

Toxic Seaweed with Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love

This is just so much awesomness in one bottle of polish. After swatching this and a few other colors I had to wear a full mani. I matted it first then decided to play around with it. I ended up doing some sponging with Zoya Trixie:

Toxic Seaweed and Zoya Trixie

I'm liking! It came off a little more Christmas-y than I wanted haha but I still like it!

You can find this polish on Cult Nails' website, here, for $10. I was actually super impressed how FAST this was shipped! :] They're having a $5 sale on Saturday, April 7th, beginning at 12 AM EST, by the way!

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  1. I saw someone's post on Tumblr about this polish so I bought it. The matte looks awesome!

  2. Beautiful! I love it matted. I recently pre-ordered the Divas and Dramas collection and those will be my first cult nails polishes so I'm super pumped!

    1. Me too! I'm thinking about matting the nail art too haha. Aww way cool! I only want one polish from that collection so I had to pass, thought about it though! :P

  3. So weird, you wrote this post in April but it just came up on my blog feed! either way, this is a must have polish!

  4. LOL Polish burrito. XD Awesome color.


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