Thursday, April 26, 2012

SINFUL COLORS: Make Some Noise Collection + Swatches

Pin It I'm interrupting Nail Art Week to post this. I was going to wait to post this NEXT week but, because Sinful Colors are on sale for a blistering 99 cents at Walgreens this week (until Saturday), I figured I needed to post these amazing neons ASAP!

Swatches after the jump!
Neons seem to be in full force for summer this year. I like neons but I don't seem to wear them much, sad day, I know. I do own a few China Glaze and the Zoya matte neons. Well, I feel like this needs to be said - The Make Some Noise Collection by Sinful Colors? Blew them all out of the water.

I picked up 4, the ones that were the MOST neon. The others didn't seem to pop as much and were kinda "meh" to me. I grabbed Pink, Summer Peach, Neon Melon, and Irish Green.

Now I warn you before these swatches, my camera does NOT catch how crazy neon these polishes are because they glow SO much.

Here is Pink:

Sinful Colors Pink, 2 coats over white

Pink? Really? You ran out of names huh, Sinful? Ladies if you're looking for a day glow, bright a**, popping pink... Here it is! I was drawn to this color the minute I saw the display with "oohs and ahhhs" that probably made me look insane... Like most neons, this dries matte, nothing a top coat won't fix! I did 2 coats over white, which I highly recommend doing by the way. To build these polished will take you 4+ coats...

I almost didn't get it though. Why? Because "I already have Shocking Pink by China Glaze". They need to switch names...

Shocking Pink: pointer and ring, Pink: middle and pinky. 2 coats of each over white.

Shocking Pink is freaking bubble gum compared to Pink. They both dry matte, they're both considered neons. If you thought Shocking Pink was bright, let this polish change your mind.

My next one was Summer Peach, a day glow orange neon:

Summer Peach: 2 coats over white

This is just SLIGHTLY brighter than Zoya Paz. I feel like this has more glow, all the time. Again, 2 coats over a white base.You can't see how much it glows from my swatch :[ it makes it look like a dark orange creme... it's not at all SWEAR!

Next is, Neon Melon:

Neon Melon, 2 coats over white

If you're looking for a bright, hi-lighter, in your face yellow - here's your answer. Wow! I'm glad my pictures catch at least SOME of the glow this neon baby has, it's even brighter in real life. Stunning. This is 2 coats over a white base. This one is the most sheer out of the 4, to the point you'll probably need 5+ coats to make it opaque...

Irish Green made a come back:

Irish Green, 3 coats over white

I've heard this was in a St. Patty's Day display that I've never seen haha. However, they've added it to this new collection. This one is just as bright as the others, no disappointments. Like Neon Melon, this is on the sheer side and seems tough to build up on its own. I did 3 coats over a white base. Again, a lot less creme looking (more jelly-like) and a lot more neon looking in real life.

The true difference I see between these neons and the China Glaze and Zoya matte neons I own is: these are a lot more sheer, almost jelly like polishes. The obvious difference is that these are brighter haha. I had a hard time photographing China Glaze Shocking Pink and Turned Up Turquoise... But a harder time with these because of their crazy awesome glow!

Any you think you're going to grab?!

Back to posting nail art adventures tomorrow!
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  1. OMG They look awesome! I need them now! How many are in the collection cuz I'm thinking of grabbing them all, if available.....And if painted on nude nails, would be as bright?

    1. The ones in the display picture I saw pretty constant fro display to display and I went to 5+ Walgreens! So like 6-7ish, some of them didn't seem as NEON though and looked like cremes.I'm sure you could layer it over nude just it might take some building up. The white is really the best base because it's opaque.

    2. I was at the park when I replied haha, but the orange and pink will be the easiest to build up. The green and yellow... not so much, they are SUPER sheer and jelly-ish


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