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Pin It Today I have for y'all another indie polish brand! I keep ordering them so I keep swatching them haha. Thispost is going to feature a polish called Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian (Kae)!

Cue, bottle shot:

Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian

Jump on over! (You won't regret it!!!)

If you're familiar with Nail-Venturous' Floam/Pinkerbell/Orange You Unique, this is the same kind of idea. This polish is a clear base packed with black and blue glitter. BUTTT! The reason why I related it to Nail-Venturous is that the glitter isn't shiny, it's a matte glitter. More like color particles instead of glitter. It has somewhat of a shiny appearance because of the base it's in but the glitter isn't sparkly like you would think glitter is.

Here's a swatch to see what I'm talking about:

2 Coats of The Hungry Asian's Sneeze Breeze (no top coat)

Forgive the glitter everywhere haha, it's not easy to clean up, but what glitter is?! This was 2 generous coats of Sneeze Breeze. I do recommend waiting in between coats, and so does Kae. If you're too impatient with it, the 2nd layer will cause the 1st one to slide around or even off your nail. But if you're paitent with this polish, it's SO worth it!

I am loving the depth that the glitter creates and the colors of the glitter. Matte glitters may be my favorite thing next to black and white glitters haha, which I guess are technically also matte glitters. There were no issues with application, the formula was nice. I was expecting it to be in an overly thick base, but it wasn't. The glitter radio per coat was also very, very good! I was surprised it only took 2 coats for me to cover my nail. Some might like more coverage. If so 1) more patience or 2) use a colored base to layer on. :]

Since I've been getting down with my matte top coat recently, I wanted to give it a shot on this polish! Results below:

Sneeze Breeze with a matte top coat (minus the pointer finger)

Oh la la! Me like-y! I left my pointer finger without any top coat to compare what it looks like. Clearly there is a difference with the matte coat, as you can see. But W-O-W! Wow is about all I can say, it just looks so good! I like when you put the matte top coat on it doesn't take away any of the depth that this polish brings to the table, but still creates an ENTIRELY different look for this polish.

TL;DR?! Overall this polish is not difficult to work with if you're willing to let it dry. If you don't want to wait, use a colored base coat which will cost you less layers than if worn alone. I love the effect this polish has even as simple as it is! No complaints on formula or application. I do recommend a thicker top coat because it is somewhat gritty in texture once it dries, but that's pretty much all glitter polishes lol.

You can find Sneeze Breeze in The Hungry Asian's Etsy shop for $9.50/bottle or $4.50/mini. If you're interested, shipping will run you about $3.50. And she ships SUUUPPPPER FAST! Always a plus :]

I can't wait to try Twenty Ten from her line, I just love the way her polishes look!

Hope you're enjoying my indie polish addiction haha
Until next time,

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