Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nail Art Week, Day #6: Girly Mixed Media Manicure

Pin It  I'm on my own personal quest to become better at nail art. And in order to become better, I need practice! Since I have no one to practice on, I have to practice on myself. SOOOO this week, I am replicating a bunch of designs I saw online and I also am going to include step by step instructions on how YOU can replicate them!

Today is a manicure I've done a million and a half times with different designs and colors! I like this because it NEVER comes out the same, even though I do my flowers the same every time it always looks different :] Not to mention, it's SOO easy to execute!


How to and more pictures after the jumparoo!


 These are the brushes and tools I like to use for this manicure.

And these are the polishes I used! The base is Milani Teddy Bare - I left it out of the picture, oops! It really is a pretty color :]

 TOP L->R: Snow Me White, Arizona, Pheobe, Plummy (one of my favorite Revlons)
BOTTOM L->R: Last Chance, Pippa, Shelby, Leah

 STEP 1: Paint your base coat. Then, use your striping brush to draw stripes on your middle finger and a dotting tool to do the polka dots on your pinky.

 STEP 2: Paint your daisies :]
1) Using the dotting tool, make 4 dots that are touching each other.
2) Add the center of the flowers with your dotting tool.
3) Using the angled brush, with your green, just dip it in and then make just press the brush against your nail lightly, making the perfect leaf shape! :]

STEP 3: Make your roses! :]
1) Using your dotting tool, make random dots with Shelby.
2) From the center of the dots, make them swirl outward (I use a smaller dotting tool for this), still touching the dot.
3) Do the same thing as #2 with white in the opposite direction.
4) Using Shelby again, repeat step #2 to give the rose more dimension.
5) Using the striping brush, tip it in the dark green and just lightly dab it on your nail for the perfect long leaves :D

And here is what it looks like after a coat of Seche Vite!



Cute and simple huh? I just love it! There are so SO many combos you can do with this manicure!

I hope you enjoyed today's post :] Tomorrow will be the last post of Nail Art week so be sure to check back!

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