Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JESSICA: Smoky Feather & Iridescent Eye

Pin It A few weeks ago I purchased 2 polishes from the lovely Sandy, at Dandy Nails' Blog Sale! I ALMOST bought these off the Jessica Cosmetics site then I saw she was selling them for a cheaper shipping price :] (Gotta save my money wherever I can to buy more pretties!)

 Top: Jessica Iridescent Eye, Bottom: Jessica Smoky Feather

These 2 pretties are part of Jessica's Peacock Queen Collection. There is one more color in the collection but I wasn't as interested in it as much as these two.

Swatches and a possible comparison after the jump!

I was most excited for Iridescent eye. It is said to be a dupe of Chanel Peridot. (Scrangie has some good dupe comparisons here) I'm really into duochrome, multi color flashing, polishes right no. After I bought Hard Candy Beetle and finally tracked down Orly Space Cadet at Ulta, I know I had to have another color! Here it is in all it's glory!

Jessica Cosmetics, Iridescent Eye: 2 Coats

And here is the color flash of green:

Iridescent Eye, green flashes.

I had no issues with application and I did enjoy how metallic this polish was. No complaints really... EXCEPT it doesn't have as much color flash as it does in the bottle :[ You can really see the gold-ish, green, and blue flashes when you look at the bottle. But once on the nail all you get is the gold and some green. Don't get me wrong! It's a pretty polish and I'm LOVING it in my collection, I guess I was expecting too much?

Ok, so next up is Smoky Feather:

Jessica Smoky Feather: 2 Coats

I'm loving this polish. Smoky Feather is a gritty, sparkly, foil polish. There also is some holographic glitter through out which  makes it even more awesome! 2 coats, no issues! I really love the sparkle in this! This is also said to be a dupe of Chanel Graphite.

Below, I've blurred the photo so you could see the sparkle in the holo glitter particles!:

Jessica Smoky Feather: blurred to show holographic glitter.

After I was done swatching Smoky Feather, I thought to myself "WOW This reminds me of Carbonite by Revlon!" So I threw it on my middle finger to see the difference: 

 Comparison of Jessica Smoky Feather and Revlon Carbonite.
J= Smoky Feather, R= Carbonite

Jessica is obviously a lot more foil-like and has more shimmer. Carbonite does not have the holographic glitter. It also is a lot easier to see the particles (not sure what else to refer to them right now lmao) of color separately in Revlon's version, I think. Over all, they're different, but still awesome in their own way! From looking at pictures, I'd say Jessica's Smoky Feather is more of a dupe for Chanel Graphite than Revlon Carbonite is.

TL;DR?! From looking at the Chanel swatches online, these seem to be pretty good dupes of the more expensive polishes! Even then, these are awesome polishes with great color and sparkle. There were no issues with application.

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  1. They look so beautiful! Great swatches, and thanks for the comparison to Carbonite. I have Carbonite. I wonder if I add a coat of CG Fairy Dust holographic glitter if it will look more like Graphite.

    1. Oooh! THAT'S a good idea! I need Fairy Dust, I need to stop procrastinating on that one haha


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