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KARINE'S POLISHES: Birthday Club Collection Swatches & Review

Pin It Today I have for you guys some new polishes made by a blogger named Karine (Karinea0a) called Karine's Polishes! She recently launched her Birthday Club Collection on April 1st!

L->R: Noir Désir, Ooh La La!!, Naïade

Some swatches, review, and more info after the jump!

I gotta say this girl was ON THE BALL with shipping and communication. I got them in about 3 days :] When I bought them she was having a buy 2, get Noir Désir for free! Which made me happy because that's what I wanted to try haha. BTW, how cute are the labels, love her handwriting! She is pretty smart and stuck another label on the bottom for us, too!

Here's a bottle shot!

 L->R: Noir Désir, Ooh La La!!, Naïade

All of the polishes in Karine's Birthday Club Collection are colored jelly bases with tons of iridescent glitter and flakies! It seems to me, after trying 3 polishes, that the glitters and flakies are the same but in different bases. Here are some swatches, all these swatches don't have top coats, heads up! :]

Noir Désir:

Top: 1 coat of Noir Désir over a black. Bottom: 3 coats of Noir Désir.

Noir Désir is a black-greyish jelly colored base with the iridescent glitter and flakies I mentioned before. The flakies have a green/blue flash to them, which you can see in the bottle shots. I think I personally enjoy this one alone versus layered over black, it looks cool to me!

Next is Ooh La La!!:

Top: 1 coat of Ooh La La!! over Zoya Lotus. Bottom: 3 coats of Ooh La La!!.

This was the second one I was most excited for, I really like the overall look of this polish! This one I like both layered and on it's own. Again, same flakies and glitter just Ooh La La!! is in a purple-greyish, jelly base.

Last but not least is Naïade:

Top: 3 coats of Naïade. Bottom: 1 coat of Naïade over Barielle To Do Unto Others.

Naïade is a turquoise blue base jelly with the same glitter and flakies as in the other two polishes. I like this base a little more because it's more opaque than the others (forgive my horrid pointer finger nail line, it grows so wonky sometimes!!! Any other nail you wouldn't be able to see a nail line as much) I'm not a fan of how it looks layered, but I might play around with some other combos later on to strike a good match!

TL;DR?! Overall these polishes are pretty unique I think. I do like the jelly bases that the glitter and flakies are suspended in! My only complaint is drying time, I recommend giving 1-2 minutes in between coats or you're going to end up with the first layer either sliding around or sliding off the nail. I also highly recommend a thicker top coat (like Seche Vite) for these because they dry a little rough in my opinion. If you have used Lacquistry's Shredded polishes - that's what these kind of remind me of when they dry. Other than that, I did enjoy these polishes, I'm going to try different bases soon, and can't wait to see what else she comes up with :]

You can purchase Karine's Birthday Club Collection from her blog, here is the ordering form. You can purchase each polish for $8 or the entire 10 polish collection for $80. Shipping starts at $2.50 for the USA, she also ships internationally :]

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