Tuesday, July 17, 2012

COLOR CLUB: Love 'em Leave 'em

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Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em

Do you see that? A holo. A Color Club holo! *cough* jump *cough*
I'm not the biggest holo fan but I can appreciate the pretty ones, especially a good chunk of the China Glaze OMG Collection. Unfortunately, I was concentrating on college and life when that came out and I missed out :(

I recently bought a spectraflair top coat for a penny off Copious (with $10 credit) but before that I purchased a few of the known Color Club holos (Love 'em Leave 'em, Wild at Heart, Revvvolution and Woryh the Risqué). This one is my favorite:

Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em, bottle shot

Yummmmmm holo goodness! Not going to withhold the swatches any longer:

Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em

Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em

Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em, direct sunlight 

I did 2 coats and it was good to go. Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em has a very smooth formula. It's a gorgeous tan, sandy, nude color. I was a little disappointed, it was a lot more scattered than the linear holo I had my heart set on. However, I do like this a lot. It's an awesome polish to wear when you want something nude and soft but with a little added bling! ;)

You can find Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em where most Color Clubs are sold. I got mine from Transdesign.

Ready for my cliff hanger? (If you're on my Facebook you already know! Buttt I told you guys to forget lmao) See tomorrows post for what I pair this polish with! It's yummy, promise! ;)

Until tomorrow,


  1. Awesome nude! I *heart* Color Club and, also, am so upset I missed out on OMG. :/

  2. This color is awesome on you! Hey, do you own many Color Club? What's the wear time on them are they hangers-on-ers or do they chip once dry?

  3. Noooo I was sooo hoping this would be the mani you posted on facebook! I hurriedly scrolled down only to realize I have to wait to see more pictures :(( haha

  4. I want some Color club Holos. Very pretty!!!


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