Friday, July 20, 2012


Pin It Another super late post! Sorry guys! I went exploring downtown Charleston with my visiting best friend today! I didn't forget about y'all, promise! :]

Julep Mila

Because life never has enough multicolored glitter, jump over ;]

I got Mila off of Copious for a penny! (You can get penny polishes off Copious by signing up here and using the FREE $10 credit to buy anything $10 and less and only pay a penny!) I was pretty excited since this is a newer polish and I don't have any non-chunky multicolored glitter!

Julep Mila, close up

I layered Mila over Sinful Colors Snow Me White here are some swatches!

Julep Mila over white

Julep Mila over white

I only needed one coat of Mila over the white, I was surprised how well this glitter covered in 1 stroke :] Mila is made up of pink, yellow, blue, green, orange and silver glitter! These glitters are all tiny, tiny hexes. I like that this glitter has multicolored glitter ALL the same size, instead of the usual different sized multicolored glitter. It's spunky and delicate at the same time! Awesome, who knew a simple idea could make such a perfect glitter.

I decided to give a jelly sandwhich a shot using Do You Think I'm Tex-y by OPI.

Attempted jelly sandwich with Julep Mila and OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

It didn't come out as I had hoped for, compared to other jelly sammiches, but it is still a cool effect!

Don't forget to check out my giveaway - ends tomorrow night! ALSO if you have an account with Copious already, you can get ANOTHER free $10 here (expires the 25th). And again, if you don't have a Copious, sign up here and get $10 THEN click the first link and you'll have $20 :] Anything $10 and less (w/ shipping) will only be a penny (service charge!)!

I hope ya'll are having a good weekend! Sorry I'm so MIA :[

Until tomorrows!


  1. I've seen you talk about copious somewhere before and tried to use it! I got so excited and then realised they don't ship international :(

  2. OMG Thanks AGAIN!! I just.... seriously... I feel like I owe you a massage or pedicure or something. LOL Thank you. Now to see what pretty pretty polish I can find this time. :)

    1. *SQUEE!* After much debate I got Zoya Chloe for $0.34! Kinda glad my Ulta was out of stock now. ;)

  3. looks gorgeous! I have Julep's Yumi, which is another fine, multicolored glitter. it is so pretty, too!


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