Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monster Nails!

Pin It I was going to share this with y'all on Friday but I was too pleased with how it came out! As you know, "the list" is the compilation of nail art suggestions y'all gave me in my last giveaway! Monsters was #2!

Monster inspired nail art

This was inspired by the bag my swap goodies came in from Polish Monster, how fitting!

More pictures after the jump!

Monster inspired nail art

Monster inspired nail art, close up

Monster inspired nail art, close up

Monster inspired nail art, close up

The base I used for this manicure was 2 coats Sinful Colors Savage:

Sinful Colors Savage

I was going to do a tutorial but... It's kind of hard to do a tutorial for this one lol. I took some "during" shots so you get an idea if you want to execute this:

Monster nail art "during"

All I did was try to copy the monsters on the bag by outlining them, filling them in and then adding details with a striping brush and dotting tool :)

If you're interested in the colors, here's what I used!
Base - Sinful Colors Savage
Red - China Glaze Hey Sailor
Green - Zoya Mitzi
Blue/Green - Zoya Wednesday
Orange - Sinful Colors Clementine
Yellow - Zoya Pippa
Black - Sinful Colors Black on Black
White - Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Hope you enjoyed this nail art adventure! :)

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