Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Pin It I have too many untrieds on my desk. I forgot to swatch this one for you guys about a month ago! *slaps wrist*

So without further adieu, Red Carpet Lacquer Oz, Not Kansas!

Like seriously, without further adieu - you guys have to see this glitter!

Red Carpet Lacquer Oz, Not Kansas over black

Red Carpet Lacquer Oz, Not Kansas over black

Red Carpet Lacquer Oz, Not Kansas over black

Is that the most fun colored glitter mix?! On her Etsy she describes it as "combination of orange/green shifting sparkles, green/blue shifting tiny sparkles, blue/purple shifting tiny sparkles, and ultra fine red glitter". SO freaking much fun in a bottle! She has swatches on her Etsy listing, this glitter is awesome and it looks great on just about anything. I put it over black because it SERIOUSLY makes the colors pop. Ugh! SO pretty it's almost disgusting! haha <3

You can find Red Carpet Lacquer on Etsy! Her polishes are $8/bottle and she's a super sweet seller. If you're looking to purchase this or any of her other creations, I suggest you hop on it before the 5th of July, her shop will be closed 7/5-7/17. Hmm.. what should I order next... *slaps wrist* NOT UNTIL AUGUST, LACEY!

Hope ya'll are having a fab day! Can't wait to share my 4th mani with you tomorrow ;]

Until tomorrow,

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