Saturday, July 7, 2012

PAHLISH: Train Underwater Swatches & Review

Pin It Can you guys beleive it's Saturday? Dang this week went fast! Anywayyyssss:

Pahlish Train Underwater

I'm swatchin' up Pahlish Train Underwater for you guys today! Indie glitter bomb? Yesss please!

Take a look at this close up, how awesome!

Pahlish Train Underwater close up

Wowowowow! Get that on my nails fast! SWATCHES

2 coats of Pahlish Train Underwater

2 coats of Pahlish Train Underwater

2 coats of Pahlish Train Underwater

2 coats of Pahlish Train Underwater

2 coats of Pahlish Train Underwater, close up

Not sure why, but Train Underwater was kind of hard to photograph! Via Pahlish's Etsy the description of Train Underwater is a "sheer royal blue/violet base with large blue hex, red/pink/purple/holographic teal micro glitter". Yes! The base has to be my favorite part, the color is divine but, you know I'm a sucker for blues. The glitter in this is awesome. Looking in the bottle I was like "meh... this is going to be overkill" nope! Not overkill at all, just enough glitter to make it sparkle like nuts when you're in the sun ;] I did 2 coats and then followed it up with 2 coats of Seche Vite. Train Underwater was kind of rough from all the glitter but, the 2 coats of Seche fixed that.

Does anyone else think of Nerd Lacquer Nebula - but a blue version - when you see Train Underwater? Or is that just me? Haha Because that was the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw it on my nails!

You can find Pahlish on Facebook and Etsy! She has 11 polishes in her shop currently, Train Underwater isn't in stock now but she restocks QUITE frequently and updates on Facebook when she does :]  Each polish sells for $9/bottle.

This was my first Pahlish polish (bahah!) and I was pretty happy with it! Any other colors by her that you recommend?

Hope you enjoyed! See ya tomorrow,


  1. Gorgeous! I love the blue glitters! I have Sitting in a Tin Can sitting on my desk and it needs to be swatched!

  2. Lovely! I was expecting to see a bit more of the other colors in the swatches, but it's still wicked cool.

  3. If I would of took pictures the way I am now I probably would of captured it :((((((((


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