Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23 Mani-cure Giveaways Monday!

Pin It Every Monday I'll be highlighting contests running through the month.

If you would like me to add you to next week's giveaway post email me: Sorry if I missed yours! I can't possibly cover ALL the giveaways, these are just ones I see in my blog feed and Facebook feed!

Jump over for a list of current giveaways I've compiled!

Don't forget to email me if you want your giveaway here next week! AND if you missed LAST week's post, click here to see what you haven't entered yet! 

Good luck!


  1. omg *sigh* So many wonderful giveaways. :)

  2. There are actually TONS more that I know of! No way I could possibly send a link to them all tho. I have the ones I've entered bookmarked, & if I go back each day & share them to gain extra entries..that alone takes about 4 whole hours!!! (& I am no slow poke, lol) I can give u a link to a great place to find more giveaways tho, she usually knows of all the ones I know of. (some non nail related, which I do not enter)
    Her facebook page is most helpful too, as each day begins, she post's that day's ending giveaways.
    She is a very sweet lady too!!!!

  3. Lol, I don't know where all those spaces came from, they weren't there when I previewed my comment! Oh well I guess =/ Have a great day!! (=


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