Saturday, July 28, 2012

LOVE & BEAUTY: Crystal/Multi Glitter

Pin It You know what I like? FUN polish! You know what else I like? Cheap polish! hahah

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Crystal/Multi

If you like fun, cheap, glitter, multi colored, or BAR GLITTER click over!
I picked this up at Forever 21 when we went back home to Houston. I miss the awesome Forever 21s in Houston *sigh*. I picked up 2 glitter polishes I thought were unique, here is the other one. And here is a bottle shot!

 Forever 21 Love & Beauty Crystal/Multi close up

I contemplated many colors to layer it over, I also thought about packing it crazy on my nail to have super awesome glitzy nails haha. BUT for funzies I layered it over Butter London Lady Muck:

Love & Beauty Crystal/Multi over Butter London Lady Muck

Love & Beauty Crystal/Multi over Butter London Lady Muck

Love & Beauty Crystal/Multi over Butter London Lady Muck

Is that not a bottle full of fun?! It reminded me of a few indie polishes... without the indie price tag.I used to buy Love & Beauty polishes a lot in college, they had unique colors and they were in my budget. I remember when Forever 21 didn't carry Love & Beauty but the LA Girl polishes. I BELIEVE that these are LA Girl polishes repackaged for Love & Beauty (Forever 21's brand). Correct me if I'm wrong! I've just noticed the change over the last couple years and it lines up that way!

Anyways! This polish is super fun.I did ONE COAT over Butter London Lady Muck. ONE COAT, this thing is packed with glitter! If you're like me, a sucker for bar glitter, this is the polish for you. The colors of glitter are orange, pink, yellow, blue and purple. So many fun possibilities with this! *cough* jelly sandwich *cough*

I'm not sure if this is still in stores, I purchased it in May. This bottle and most Love & Beauty polishes run for $2.80. You can find them online or in Forever 21 stores!

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think they are the same colours as L.A. Girls. I live in Canada, so I get the L.A stuff at a drugstore called Lawtons, and my local one has pretty much all of them, but the Forever 21 site has a lot more (different) colours. I really like "Galaxy Green" do you own it? And if so, can you swatch it? It looks so nice in the bottle! Maybe the L.A Girl line is different in the U.S. (and the same as the Forever 21 stuff) but in Canada the two are quite different! I'll have to check out my local Forever 21 to see for sure.

    1. You're not thinking of LA Colors are you? There's a brand called that sold at discount stores.

      I tried to find a bottle of La Girl polish but I threw them all away :[ They have the EXACT same shape bottle and brush handle though. Here's their website:

      Hmm food for thought ;]


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