Sunday, July 8, 2012


Pin It Good afternoon my lovelies! As you know I love my indie polishes! Today is no different, I have a pretty unique mix of glitters to show you :]

Amy's Nail Boutique Southwest

Hop on over and see the swatches!

As per usual, here's a bottle shot!

Amy's Nail Boutique Southwest close up bottle shot

I don't have many matte glitter indie polishes but I couldn't pass this one up :] The hardest part was finding what on earth to layer it over! Black, meh too dark - obviously not white, so what did I end up using? A polish I needed to swatch and it turned out AMAZEBALLS!

Here are my swatches of Southwest over Essie No More Film:

Amy's Nail Boutique Southwest, 2 coats

Amy's Nail Boutique Southwest, 2 coats

Amy's Nail Boutique Southwest, 2 coats

I love love love love how this ended up looking! Essie No More Film was dark enough to let the glitter pop but not TOO dark for my tastes. To some the combo might be a wacky match of colors but I love it!

As for the polish! This is the first polish I've ordered from Amy. When I got it I did notice it was a little base-y. I could barely get 2-3 glitters on the brush and hell would of frozen over to get the white diamonds haha. I emailed Amy and as sweet as she is she sent me an envelope full of glitter to pour into the bottle. Ahhh now it's PERFECT!

I did 2 coats over Essie No More Film. The polish has turquoise, orange matte hex glitters along with white diamond matte glitter. It's the perfect mix of colors I never would of put together on my own! If you see bubbles, that's my error from shaking the crap out of it to get the glitter she sent mixed up. Everything went on smoothly with no issues!

As for any glitter bomb backed into a suspension base, I do recommend you either top coat your polish or wait until it's TOTALLY dry. If you don't you will end up pulling the color off of your nail.

You can find Amy's Nail Boutique on Etsy, here! She also has a Facebook page. Full size bottles are $8, and minis are $4.00-$4.50. If you have any issues with your polish, Amy is a doll to talk to!

I THINK Chesapeake and Fiesta are on my "to order" list haha

Catch you guys tomorrow!
- Lacey


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