Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mermaid Inspired Nails (AKA: I tried haha)

Pin It If you guys have been on my Facebook, I announced I was going to make a list of the nail art ideas you all suggested in my giveaway! Anddddd I was going to do ALL of them!

Well, I wrote them all down:

THE LIST of nail art ideas y'all suggested!

And I plan on going down and crossing them off! The first on the list? Mermaid inspired!

I was going to do some sort of fish scale or something but, someone suggested that as well. I did a mermaid inspired mani for an Instagram contest:

Previous mermaid inspired nails

But I wanted to do a little freehand nail art vs pearls, shells and glitter on my nails! (That is Nail Sauce Abalone Shell, if you're wondering!) I googled some images and this is the result!

Mermaid inspired nails

Mermaid inspired nails

Mermaid inspired nails

Mermaid inspired nails, close up

Mermaid inspired nails, close up

The first two nails, I like quite a bit. The last two... Well, there's a cracked out mermaid/Britney Spears on one nail andddddd attempt of a shell with a pearl (with some spectraflair for sparkle). Hahaha the mermaid tail and Triton staff thingie came out well though!

If you're looking to replicate this, I painted Essie Blue Rhapsody and Stroke of Brilliance, then I did my freehanded do-dads.
- The mermaid tail was drawn with a striping brush with Zoya Zuza and then I used Zoya Zuza, China Glaze For Audrey and China Glaze Shower Together I dotted on "scales".
- The staff was done with a striping brush and a mix of Zoya Goldie and Pippa. I also painted water on the sides and lightning bolts surrounding the staff.
- The mermaid (aka cracked out Britney Spears) was done with Zoya Farah, Perrie, Pippa and Zuza.
- The shell with the pearl was done with Zoya Arizona and a striping brush) Arizona mixed with Goldie for the darker (bottom half) and Arizona mixed with Pippa for the lighter (top half). The pearl was Sinful Colors Snow Me White with a Dan of Spectraflair top coat to add "shine".

And of course everything was topped with Seche Vite!

I hope you enjoyed this request! I have a HUGE list to go through haha :)

Until tomorrow!


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