Thursday, July 19, 2012


Pin It Good... Late night? Haha today I have Candy Lacquer Argyle!

Candy Lacquer Argyle

This is a pretty unique polish with awesome glitter and color, check it out!

Here's the expected bottle shot!

Candy Lacquer Argyle, close up 

Now here are the swatches! No more small talk:

Candy Lacquer Argyle over China Glaze Go Overboard

Candy Lacquer Argyle over Zoya Regan

I wasn't sure what colors to layer over LOL! I ended up googling "argyle" to see color options haha which is how I came up with these! I did 2 coats of Candy Lacquer Argyle, which is made up of black and white diamonds and bars mixed with turquoise diamonds. I love unique mixes and this is nothing short of unique!

 My issues, however, are with the base the glitter is in. I appreciate the thicker base meant to grab the glitter BUT it was reallllyyy thick and goopy. The thicker base caused it to bubble, needed dip and dab, and make my polish look kind of thick and bulky. I added a picture so you can better understand:

Thickness of the polish after 2 coats.

I like this polish, I really do. It's cute and unique! I'm just not sure it's worth the work... Maybe if I add some thinner? But I worry it won't grab the glitter if I do. Hmmm

You can find Candy Lacquer on Etsy, here! Sandra's polishes cost $10/bottle. If you're interested in updates, coupons, ect. check out her Facebook page!

Until tomorrow,


  1. It looks pretty but it would drive me crazy

  2. Wow. I kind of like it.... but I don't know. It's like really bright abstract art. Funky cool in a museum, but I don't know if I'd want it in my house, ya know? LOL I love how it looks in the bottle, though.


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