Friday, July 13, 2012

COSMETIC ARTS: No Name Blue/Teal/Green Polish (+stamping)

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Cosmetic Arts Nail Polish - No Name

I don't even know what to CALL this polish, or any Cosmetic Art polishes since they all have the same number haha. I got this in a swap from Enjeliqua of Mani Curiously! This is a very interesting polish, I have some swatches and some stamping after the jump!

I swatched the other Cosmetic Arts polish she sent me, here! I've never bought these polishes but now I won't second guess myself when thinking about purchasing them! Here are my swatches of this unnamed green-blue Cosmetic Arts polish

Cosmetic Arts Nail Polish - No Name

Cosmetic Arts Nail Polish - No Name

This polish is really pretty! I was kind of iffy about the formula... looking at it in the bottle I was worried it would be runny. You could probably get away with 1 coat if you have even strokes, I suck at life so I had to do 2 haha.This polish has a frosty finish to it. I know, I know - ewww frosty finish = brush strokes. It DID have a lot of brush strokes, I won't like.. BUT when I threw a coat of Seche Vite over it they seemed to nearly disappear!

I don't even know how to describe the color, it's insane! It's blue and teal? It's not totally blue and not totally a teal green color. It's strange but beautiful and that's why I like it :]

I spiced it up a little - A LITTLE, not a lot - with one of the new Bundle Monster plates and Zoya Trixie:

Bundle Monster Plate 301

Bundle Monster plate 301 stamped with Zoya Trixie

This might be my favorite stamp now. Perfect gradient, every time? Yes please! I wanted to be able to see the polish and add a little bling too it, without overshadowing the polish. I think this was a great choice. I think it also would of looked good with black!

As far as I know you can pick up Cosmetic Arts polishes from Ross discount stores for $3.99, I've never seen them sold anywhere else.

Hope you enjoyed this color!

Until tomorrow,


  1. what a pretty color!! btw i read an interesting tip about how to get rid of the brush strokes...instead of brushing on the final coat, sponge it on, then do your top coat (works well for frosts)

    1. by top coat i mean the clear top coat :)

    2. I've heard of this trick! I was going to try it but after I added a top coat I'm glad I didn't bahah! Thanks for the advice though :]

  2. Man... that color looks gorg on ya!! So glad you're enjoying the swap :D xo E


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