Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi my name is Lacey and I like blue nail polish.

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(L->R) Dorothy Who?, Blue Sparrow, Shower Together, Kinetic Candy

Just some swatches of some blue China Glaze polishes I've purchased over the last 3 weeks-ish! I LOVE BLUE POLISH :| (and green ;] ) Jump on over!

It's true. I don't have a favorite color, all I know is I hate pink and that I love green and blue polish haha. But they're not my favorite ever! *Shrugs* I'm complicated...

Anyway! Onto my swatches :]

China Glaze Kinetic Candy

This was 2 coats of Kinetic Candy. Um, hi - how gorgeous is this polish? I was worried it would be too much like Zoya Kristen (aka one of my favorite polishes) since they both have a grey undertone. Nope not like Kristen, Kristen has a LOT more grey and Kinetic Candy has a LOT more of a  sky blue color. This is so pretty and it's gorgeous matte btw ;] (Also, I freaking need Electric Beat from the Electropop Collection *sigh* Oh blue, I love you!)

Next is one I randomly grabbed at Sally's because I was like "OOH PRETTY!"

 China Glaze Shower Together

This is China Glaze Shower Together. This was also 2 coats of this awesome ink-y, deep teal color. Oh I love this color soo much! I was kind of worried it would look a lot like Butter London Blagger (my swatch here) BUT it's less blue than Blagger. I'm so in love with this color!

Next is another I grabbed from Sally's on a whim:

China Glaze Blue Sparrow (no top coat)

China Glaze Blue Sparrow (with top coat)

As you can see from the pictures above, Blue Sparrow dries matte - it is also a neon shade! The end result is such a pretty blue color! But sadly the formula sucks. Or at least in my opinion it does haha! This was about 5 coats. The formula is SO thin and runny and I had so much balding. *sigh* WHYYYY! Ugh, it is a gorgeous royal blue color and it does have nice, pretty, light blue micro glitters. I'm thinking this one might need to be swatched over white next time... next time - if there is a next time, Blue Sparrow! </3

Nexxxxxxxxxxxxxt! Something from a Transdesign Haul:

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

I have seen Dorothy Who? a bahzillion times. And every time I saw swatches I was like "OH I NEED THAT", finally I got it! Not like it was hard to find or anything, I just have purchase commitment issues bhaaha! If you own Ruby Pumps, it reminds me a lot of that polish. They're both glitters suspended in a sheer colored base, only Dorothy Who? has silver glitter instead of a glitter that matches the base. This was 2 coats no issues or anything, and was oh SO hard to capture the sparkle of this polish because it was so sparkly haha. Just take my word for it, if you've been thinking of buying this - just do it.

Hope you enjoyed my blue polish spam ;]

Until tomorrow,


  1. ooooh, Blue Sparrow and Shower Together are verrry pretty :D Shame that Blue Sparrow took so many coats, tho - thanks for the swatches!

  2. Dude shower together was my FIRST China Glaze ever and is still my fave blue/teal concoction. There's just something about it... it's like a hide and seek polish IMO... one way it looks dark, one way it looks a lil brighter and another it looks like something completely different! I heart teh blue polish too... it's about equal with muh purples :D xo E

  3. I looooove Dorothy Who. Pretty pretty pretty. I really wanna get Ruby Pumps from that same collection. But every time I almost buy it, I just don't.. Lol :/ I'm a freak hahaha. I feel like I wouldn't like it though cos I don't really like red polish except for around Christmas. And why am I talking about red polish so much on a post about BLUE polishes. Lmao!
    I used to HATE blue polish before I became a true nail polish addict. I thought it looked so unnatural on the nails and I only liked pinks etc but now I loooove me some blue nails ;)

  4. Awesome blues! *hearts* And I LOVE your new picture. So cute. :)

  5. Haha I have ruby pumps on my toes right now! So pretty and sparkly! You should get it! It's a great red to have!

  6. Anytime! I wish it wasn't so sheer either! A sheer blue is so awkward hahaha

    1. i hear that! I'm dealing with one right now - i'm about to put coat number four on in a few minutes. But oh, I am loving the color and the shimmer of it :D I have plans to do a stamped design in black over it ~excited face~

  7. I really like Blue Sparrow. You should check out Frostbite. It's a beautiful blue color.

    1. I've had my eye on it! I've passed on it because I had Blue Years Eve but wasn't a fan of that polish

  8. I dont know how I've missed this post until now lol...anyway I was having trouble deciding between Kinetic Candy and Electric Beat, but I went with EB. I'm gonna have to head back to ebay and get KC too now.


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