Friday, July 27, 2012

ZOYA: Perrie, Cynthia & Goldie Swatches (+ STAMPING!)


L->R: Zoya Perrie, Cynthia, and Goldie

I have a few more lovely Copious penny polishes :] Plus, you can't ever get enough ZOYA!

I think Zoya makes up a good bulk of my collection, I have almost an entire rack full of the good stuff! Well.. I probably do now haha I have so many polishes laying around that need to be shelved but I haven't made any more racks...

ANYWAYS! Here are the lovely swatches:

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Cynthia

Zoya Cynthia

Zoya Goldie

Zoya Goldie

Zoya Perrie from the Flash Collection - A very pretty medium purple polish. I LOVE this color so much, it's so light and purple-y without being TOO light. I did 3 coats, it was a more thin than I'm used to with Zoya creme polishes.

Zoya Cynthia from the Smoke Collection - I've been lusting over this smokey, black-blue for awhile! I'm not a fan of black on me, for some reason... not sure why... I'm weird OK?! But I do like suppper dark purples and blues. This black-blue is AMAZING. I love how dark it is yet the inky-ness of the blue still comes through. I did 2 coats of this creme, more what I'm used to from Zoya ;]

Zoya Goldie from the Oh-La-La Collection - I've been wanting a true gold polish for awhile. I have Immortal Gold by MAC but I feel it's a bit too brown for a true told. This polish is GOLD, a yellow toned metallic gold with a bunch of shimmer. SO PRETTY! This was 3 coats to kill VNL (visible nail line... I usually don't use that acronym here haha) but I bought this more for detailing and stamping.


Zoya Cynthia stamped with Zoya Goldie and BM305

I still have a ton of Bundle Monster 3rd set stamps to use and so I chose the lighting bolt design from plate 305! I stamped it a few different ways to give it some variety. AHHH BLUE AND GOLD MY FAVORITE! *I die*
If you're looking how to get super cheap, often penny cheap, polishes on Copious... I created a nice "how to" for you, hereShop awayyyyyyyyyyy!

Talk to you tomorrow - enjoy the weekend!


  1. Ooooh I love the stamping! Might have to get the Zoya Goldie, it's sooo mesmerizing. Zoya seems to make some of the best most bedazzling colours around! I completely agree they are hard to resist!

    1. They really do! They keep convincing me they're my favorite xP

  2. Cynthia is one of my favorite polishes, I just love the color! I love your stamping, very nice.


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